Something that is gay
Tyler woudnt come outside. That’s so gayboyness
by Tyler is sus March 23, 2021
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When you don't have a sick comeback m8
Bitch boi "U gay lol"
You "Gayboi"
*bitch boi falls to the floor due to the heart attack he got after being called "Gayboi"*
by TheDuckDog July 5, 2017
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What you call someone who is being a prick or. U just don't like
John plays pubg so he isnt a gayboi.
by FortniteFminecraftGood September 13, 2019
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a person who is omega gay.

Gaybois are usually named tristen or Oliver.
A: that dude is such a gayboi!!!
B: his names tristen btw
by que12 January 24, 2020
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British insult. Mainly used as an alternative for cuck or pussy.
Brit 1 : Ye wonna tussle m8?
Brit 2 : Naw m8.
Brit 1 : Yeh dats roite ye lil gayboy
by NickWilde January 22, 2017
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Gay boy twins- two people who constantly make fun of each other for being gay and act in homosexual ways to each other but aren’t actually gay. Gay boy twin activity’s include sending nudes of everything, making gay collages dedicated to young Leonardo Decaprio, and repeatedly calling each other gayboys
Lincoln: *sends nudes of his dishwasher*

Myah: you’re gay asl
Lincoln: not as gay as when you colored your peppa pig toy with rainbow marks
Myah: omg we gayboy twins
by xtlanta October 8, 2017
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