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Myah is the name of an absolutely gorgeoud girl.Her personality is fun and playful that serves for her weird sense of humor. She loves everyone but she also has a rough side. She gives emotion into everything ,easy to make her cry. Every title in the book she could be your ,best friend,lover or your right hand. Don’t lose a Myah she has the biggest heart and the most genuine actions.
Myah’s laugh warms up the room!
by Mroy765 October 25, 2018
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Myah is the hottest girl you will ever see🤤 she has the perfect body and the perfect face but doesn’t believe she is gorgeous people mistake her for wearing makeup. Or even for her age. Myah is the best girlfriend and a best friend but can not trust many girls but hangs out with LOTS of boys. All the girls hate her because they want to be her. EVERY boy wants or has wanted her a some point. She has been through a lot and people always put things in her head. Myah will fuck up any girl. If you mess with her.. HOLY SHIT YOU BETTER PRAY and run!! She doesn’t care what the teachers tell her or if she gets in trouble. She has a HUGE ass for her age. And it’s jard to get her trust and it’s hard to be her boyfriend. If you fuck it up you will regret it. Myah is perfect!
Damn look at Myah

Did you see Myah today
Myah will beat your ass!
by User77428 January 19, 2019
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Myah is a girl who is playful, fun, has a dirty side and is a bestfriend. she has a rough side to. she's been in a couple fights. if not many arguments. she also has a sensitive side. if you haven't messed with her she will feel bad for things that happen to you. its easy to make her cry. her sense of humor Is dumb. and very attractive. she got ass. like a big one.
danm, have you seen myah she look fine today.
by mystery,dictionary January 24, 2017
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Myah is usually the name of a girl who is gorgeous and kind.

but she also has a tough side to her, meaning if you piss her off, you'd better run. she has brown hair, brown eyes, and is a bit taller for her age. she is the best friend anyone could ever have, you can always count on her to be there, always.
shes basically amazing. any guy would be extremely lucky to have her around.
i know! Myah is such a great friend!
by ashleyosbourne July 23, 2010
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Myah’s are kind,smart,and beautiful.When you. Are sad Myah’s will make you laugh.They are also a best friend no matter what.
I need a Myah in my life
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by Doggydog60 May 12, 2019
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someone who is very random,ask alot of questions but is never annoying.and knows how to have fun! lives life to the fullest. Myah is always a leader never the follower.
myah is the girl you see who is always laughing ang smiling .she keeps the room warm.
by Rawr/; January 20, 2009
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