The complete be all end all of insults, using this leads to the fall of humanity as we know it. This one single phrase destroys the existence of our planet and all of its inhabitants.
Jerry: “Bob ur mom gay”
Bob: “Well your sister a mister
Jerry: “ur family tree is lgbt”
Bob: “didn’t want it to come to this... U GAY!
*black hole is formed and existence as we know it begins to crumble*
by Gayassanonymous March 24, 2018
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HA U GAY!!!!!!
When someone touches your no no square HA U GAY
by Bob808123 August 19, 2019
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Short for underwear gays, fellows whose favorite recreation is strolling around in their boxer shorts, or in underwear. Being in underwear has a way of making a fellow look gay, hence the term.
Jake and Dwayne are quite the U gays, always strolling around in their boxers. They have even made some videos on themselves in their boxers: Jake and Dwayne, the U gays, the snowman, Jake and Dwayne, the U gays, wild hair, Jake and Dwayne, the U gays, the microphone, and finally Jake and Dwayne, the U gays, six cuppycakes each instead of seven.
by JMC70 February 9, 2020
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the tru definition of a nigga being gay
"me and my best bro just brushed leg hairs by accident"
"Nigga u gay"
by Flintip1212 March 20, 2018
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"Boi U Gay" means Someone is Insulting some one that says that their gay or happy.
by Light The Retard February 14, 2018
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Guy: "Quit pissing me off, moron!"
Moron: "U mad, bro?"
Guy: "U gay, bro?"
Moron: "*butthurt*"
by I'm a freakin blurr here! February 8, 2011
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