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The complete be all end all of insults, using this leads to the fall of humanity as we know it. This one single phrase destroys the existence of our planet and all of its inhabitants.
Jerry: “Bob ur mom gay”
Bob: “Well your sister a mister”
Jerry: “ur family tree is lgbt”
Bob: “didn’t want it to come to this... U GAY!
*black hole is formed and existence as we know it begins to crumble*
by Gayassanonymous May 15, 2018
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HA U GAY!!!!!!
When someone touches your no no square HA U GAY
by Bob808123 August 18, 2019
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a straight man in a relationship with homosexua tendencies
Guy 1: Am I gay if I'm dating a girl but I say I would suck a dick ?
Guy 2: Nah, you're just an ugay
by 420grace June 01, 2018
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