A male orange tabby cat. Olivers are gentle, loving, goofy, and adorable. They love to play tug of war, jump up on high beams and cuddle on cold winter nights. They are pleasure seekers, so please don't overfeed them.

Olivers are the best kitties ever. If one wants to adopt you, let him. You won't regret it.
That Oliver is such a kitty. He's a real good one.

It's my turn to have the Oliver. He's been cuddling with you all night.

The Oliver shows his love by kneading and suckling.
by Mr. Meowsers March 09, 2010
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He is a student that does not do any work in class and proceeds to play games in class even when he has assessments due
Teacher: Oliver stop playing games you need to get your assessment done
Oliver: but miss I..
Teacher: no, no, no not this time i've been looking at lan school and you've been playing krunker.io all lesson
by The friend destroyer March 25, 2019
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Sexy, loyal, smart, funny, BRILLIANT and a really good friends. Known tho have massive penises and tiny egos. Really easy and fun to talk to. A great kisser and a better fucker.

If you're going out with an Oliver never loose him <3.
by Fhinal263 January 30, 2017
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Most amazing guy ever. An Oliver truly has it all. His eyes light up the room when he walks in and his smile is like none other. He is the most attractive guy you can possibly find and he is undeniably romantic. He makes his girl feel special but he doesn't have to do anything because she already knows she is the luckiest girl around. An Oliver usually has a girl he has liked for a while..be careful getting close to an Oliver because falling in love with him is almost instant. His eyes, his smile, his lips and his hair. He really is on the top of the list of amazing guys. An Oliver has a personality like no other. The most sweet, down-to-earth, generous and caring guy you will meet. He just shines! Oliver may seem shy at first but really lets his personality show with the people he trusts, he can be one of the funniest boys around! Oliver is just Oliver and you can hardly say anymore. Most girls just go speechless around Oliver because he truly is the most amazing guy you could come across.
Damn Oliver really has it all
by itguhh346 December 25, 2013
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