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(n.) A young male homosexual. For a better definition as well as origin see Gaylord
Elitist is a gayboy.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 11, 2004
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A pre-adult homosexual male.
A high school age male cock sucker.
A teen-aged male cum dumpster.
A skinny jeans mascara wearing emo freak.
An under aged queer.
Justin Bieber.
by jsd96321 January 10, 2012
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a male who on occasion participates in queer activities, such as: playing star wars on the playstation and dressing up as a prostitute. A "gayboy" would most likely play a lot of sport (e.g football, rugby) because they are taking out their sexual frustration at having to get with girls when their sexual preference is men. They have girlfriends but secretly fancy their best friends. Some gayboys enjoy having their nails painted but others prefer to dye the tips of their hair bleach blonde.
MATTHEW: alright, baby girl? i fancy a film sesh tonight, 'Mean Girls' at yours, yeah?
JAMES: shut up, matt. you know that when cady and aaron get together at the end it makes me want benjamin even more..
MATTHEW: i understand jamie, baby, cady's hair makes me wish i was running my hands through Alexander's silky locks. damn, i wish he'd notice me and see me as more than his best friend.
JAMES (looks at his phone and groans): Eugh, I just got a text from my girlfriend. When will she realize I'm not into girls?!
MATTHEW (rolls his eyes): Honey, why are you going out with her?
JAMES: the same reason you're going out with Sophie, gayboy.

"i always knew those dudes were gayboys, but what's with the Simpsons obsession and listening to the Saturdays?"
by greyfrust November 23, 2009
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a boy often called sean who likes to wear mr. rude tops, is known to be very stubborn and obviously likes sexual activities with men rather than women
*looks at a boy wearing a mr rude top and is not letting an argument go.. and hears him say his name is sean*

group of boys: he is a blatent gayboy
by amberrr-bamberrr* March 26, 2008
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A term used when refering a male as a homosexual, gay, or fagget.
"Hi Kyle."
"Hey gay boy! How's it going?"

"Man, check out Kyle's skin tight jeans."
"Haha, he's starting to look like a gay boy."
"Yeah, you fuckin' bet. I saw him making out with Jared the other night. I fuckin' puked my guts out."
by burton_yeti July 31, 2006
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is a boy who is really gay and they always smell like dog shit yummy
look at that gayboy sitting next to those hot girls
OMG! That gayboy smells so bad
That gayboy is really hot we should totally go fuck him
by mitsymitsy420meets December 19, 2016
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