you could say its like fortnite but it has 5 differences
1. building is not a mechanic in this game which means that the island isn't messed up in the first 5 seconds
2. you can chat with the enemy which is pretty useful for pubg tournaments
3.its much more realistic both graphically and behaviourally meaning you are jumping out of a plane not a flying bus
4. there arent any of those crappy defaults which rage every time you kill them
5 there is more than one island
fortnite noob: ugh why u kill me im reporting u
fortnite player: thats it im playing pubg

noob: oh dat game that game shit
by 24 karat savage March 27, 2019
Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. A battle royale game made by Player Unknown who also created the battle royale mod for arma 3 and H1Z1 (now split to King of the Kill)
Dude! Did you see how Jon's clip of PUBG when he was in the bathroom baiting the players?!
by AWPer8durrrr April 14, 2017
"Hey, wanna play pubg?"
"Sure, as long as it ain't fortnite."
by FortniteSucks69 February 22, 2018
the version of fortnite thats NOT for gay retarded virgins
hEy wAnNa PlAy FoRtNiTe?

by A+O=I July 9, 2019
better than fortnite but not the og
person1:hey wanna play fortnite
person2:get the hell outa my house and play pubg
by motherfu#ker February 28, 2019
A battle royale game that’s made by an inexperienced modded of arms 3. Even after release, pubg stil is rarely seen at over 20 frames per second. Oh and what’s that? Half of the map is an untextured crap pile. It’s player defend it by saying it’s graphics are superior to fortnite br even though they are confused 4 year olds and get mixed between art style and graphics. Fortnite is superior in both. I’ve played about 200 hours in each. I have many wins in every game mode. Fortnite and pubg are different games accept it. Stop comparing and let your communities come together instead of breaking apart.
Pubg is a game based off of one game mode.
by halo 3 lover February 13, 2018
the worash game evar all the gay kids play it , kids nevnr get a garl friand it is worash game evare it is worash than fernite call of duty will awashes be the beast game evrea.
pubg is gay
by fornitegod15104 April 30, 2018