A very good, loyal, trusted, nice, friend who has a huge dick and can make any woman happy.
Leonardo is so cool and nice.
by xana June 5, 2018
Leonardo is usally gets called Leo he is a lion in bed he also one of the best boyfriends you can ever have he a good boy to go he follows the word of god
Get me a Leonardo
by Yesica Martinez August 13, 2016
Cute ass guy, he won't judge you nor make fun of you. Likes rock and can be very responsable if he puts his mind onto it. Reliable and fun to be with once you get to know him. Can make things better by just talking with him.
Do you know that guy?
Him? Oh, Leonardo?
Yes :)
by PinguinoEspecial7u7 April 6, 2017
A very funny and Hot person the perfect boyfriend and a very handsome guy, and sweet as sugar

his IQ is very high, but sometimes he may be distract,

a great man who will never betray you, be careful cause you may fall in love with him.
Leonardo? oh yes he is Sweet and hot … best of both worlds .. very good guy.
by evamorales765 November 15, 2021
He is an ass but he really fine and funny and can make ur day just with a picture😂
Leonardo is such an ass but i love him
by Hdhdnfn July 30, 2018
Leonardo is a cute person I ever seen :)
Have u seen Leonardo he’s so cute
by someone i guees January 23, 2021
There's not really much to say.
Blue eyes, rather skinny and the biggest fattest cock you'll ever see.
It probably doesn't even fit in your mouth, it's aroud 12 inches/31cm long and is simply a jawbreaker.
- Do you see that guys massive bulge in his pants?
- Yeah, he's Leonardo, what did you expect? He has a massive horse cock, perfect for every size queen.
by Rare and Uncommon Names March 22, 2022