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A cool, friendly guy. Most people just assume he's shy but if they took their time they would find he is an epic, easy-going guy. Give Leonardo a chance and spend some time with him and you will find that he is a loyal and good friend.
Person 1: Where were you last night?
Person 2: At Leonardo's place.
Person 1: Was it fun?
Person 2: Hell yea!
by *boop* December 28, 2014
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Leonardo is a great person, and he is always there for you. The perfect boyfriend, always knows what to do to make you smile or feel better. He will always have your back, and will never back stab you. A gentleman, everyone needs a Leonardo in their life.
Is that Leonardo? He's the greatest person i have ever met!
by Qwsd December 22, 2016
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is a nice ass dude. he’s a cute little nugget. he’s always there to listen even if you’re annoying asf. he’s funny and nice in any way possible. his laugh makes you laugh, not in a bad way but in a way that makes you feel good that you made someone laugh. leo is a good fellow friend. at first he can be shy but then he’ll loosen up and is actually pretty great. but you better watch out you might fall in love with him.
leonardo is the shit
by natyyyyy January 05, 2020
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he is sexy. has a nice ass . he is smart. very responsible. he is super cute. he is super silly . if you go on a date with him you are lucky.he is the love in your heart. he makes your day. he also makes your dreams come can always trust him.he is strong.he is always honest.
leonardo is super sexy
by jessica braund June 26, 2017
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Leonardo is usally gets called Leo he is a lion in bed he also one of the best boyfriends you can ever have he a good boy to go he follows the word of god
Get me a Leonardo
by Yesica Martinez August 12, 2016
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A very good, loyal, trusted, nice, friend who has a huge dick and can make any woman happy.
Leonardo is so cool and nice.
by xana June 05, 2018
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