How can the majority of British people be happy living in this stinking shithole? Don't get me wrong, it has some nice scenery and not everyone is to blame, the problem is the utterly backwards leadership.
Why do British people put up with this stinking dump? The sea is infested with human shit, nearly everywhere you go stinks of drugs/weed, feral kids are freely destroying property or harassing people in the street, and you can't hurt somebody's feelings with insults over the internet, or you get arrested for breaking some completely asinine law called Malicious Communications.

Leaders/police can't be bothered to deal with physical crime, but they'll take you away for shooting someone in the heart with the words coming from your mouth or keyboard. Remember that everyone else is allowed to verbally abuse you online even from other countries but you're not allowed to say a word back.

Rowan Atkinson did a great video on Britain's "free speech" problem. Ricky Gervais has made his feelings clear on how pathetic Britain's laws are, and I'm pretty certain John Cleese feels the same way as well. All 3 are pretty intelligent & funny people.

Leaders: Lets allow tons of illegals into the country and eliminate freedom of speech and expression to make the jobs of the police easier.

Utterly backwards country. Destroying itself from the inside out, the word Orwellian comes to mind.
Fucking stupid dump.
by Anti BS September 3, 2023
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Something of the United Kingdom unless stated otherwise (Example, Northern Irish person could say they're Irish rather than British).

Common mistakes include:
British = English,
British = English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish

British = English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish.
English is an example of British,
Scottish is an example of British,
Welsh is an example of British,
Northern Irish is a technical example of British,
Irish is NOT an example of British due to Irish independence (Irish war of independence)
by AlanMacClane September 22, 2006
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someone who comes from uk

has two legs , arms, eyes, a head , and a nose a set of teeth not unlike your own and doest really mind americans but they seem to mind the british quite alot
by infamous hatter September 27, 2003
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A beautiful country with a lovely culture and people, with that people consisting of incredibly gorgeous women. Great Britain is one of the United States' only true allies. As an American, I am personally proud and happy to have the British as allies. I love the British, they are an awesome people, and have the coolest accents in the world; far better than the French.
I am also proud to have over 70% of British blood flowing through my veins. I love the Motherland!
by The Loyal Bush Legionary December 11, 2004
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The British are a country of awesome people who have invented many things and has written great literature. If it wasn't for Britain, the world would be totally different, I mean, Americans really can't bad-mouth Britain as if it wasn't for them, there would be no United States! However, Americans are just as awesome of a group of people as the British. Americans have helped the British, the British have helped Americans, British have made things, Americans have made things, Britain has been a superpower, America is currently a superpower.... seriously, America and Britain, becaise landmass, are equal. They are definetly the best two countries of the world, and without them, i dont even want to think what the world would be like!!
Is one needed? For real, do you not get my point?>>
by Gem in eye September 13, 2004
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A word used to describe Irish people by Americans with inferiority complexes on XBox Live.
Irish: Alright what's the craic lads? (In heavy Irish accent)
Irish: I'm Irish
American: Shut up you blutty wanker. Toodlepip Harry Potter. Cheerio. (Impression sounding more like Mary Poppins then anything ever heard in Ireland.)
American: Oh sorry bro, me too.
Irish: Oh yeah, where's your family from?
American: ?
by Strawballs July 11, 2008
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The Roman Empirer invades Britain in 43 BC and establishes the province of Brittania. When the Romans leave Britain, the island is invaded by germanic tribes like the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes. The Anglosaxon tribes are united in 871 in the Kingdom of England, a feudal state. Large part of the country are conquered by Denmark in the ninth century. Finally in 1016 Denmarks rules the whole country. The Saxons regain power in 1042.

In 1066 England is invaded by the Normans from Normandy and they form the rulers of the Kingdom of England. The English conquest of Wales succeeds in 1282 and English rule is established 2 years later. An act of 1536 completes the political and administrative union of England and Wales. This is followed in 1607 with the annexation of Ireland. England becomes a republic in 1649 (the Commonwealth of England), but the monarchy is restored in 1660.

A second revolution leads in 1688 to a parliamentary system of government: England is now more or less a constitutional monarchy. In this system two parties exist, the Whigs and the Tories. These are not political parties in the modern sense, but cliques of nobles fighting about power. England and Scotland merge in 1707 into the Kingdom of Great Britain. Between 1715 and 1768 the Whigs dominate, but until 1830 the Tories have power. In 1901 Ireland is legally incorporated in the kingom under the name United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland one year later. Britain's industrial revolution greatly strengthened its ability to oppose Napoleonic France. By the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815, Britain is the foremost European power and its navy ruled the seas. Peace in Europe allows the British to focus their interests on more remote parts of the world and during this period the British Empire reaches its zenith. British colonial expansion reaches its height largely during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). British colonies contribute to the United Kingdom's extraordinary economic growth and strengthen its voice in world affairs. Thats what makes a great nation and people
Roman, Empire, Germanic, Tribes, anglosaxon,british
by spacekit February 1, 2009
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