A borderline sexual, flirtatious act where the girl in a relationship instigates a playful wrestling match with her boyfriend, usually ending in the girl on top of the guy with his arms pinned on the whatever surface the couple may be wrestling on, i.e. the floor or a bed. The couple may proceed to engage in other romantic activities such as kissing or sex.
I was about to get undressed when all of a sudden my girlfriend wanted to tussle. She tackled me on the bed and got on top of me. I couldn't really do much because my arms were pinned above my head but it was sexy.
by CuteRelationshipsExpert April 02, 2013
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A weak man's invitation to fight or throw down. Also known as pussyfighting or catfights for men.
John: You wanna tussle?
Bob: Tussle? You pussy.
John: OH YEAH! I BET YOU DO... oh...I hate my life...
by Tussler October 14, 2010
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To playfully mess up one's hair
Lil Tommy was being so funny I just had to tussle is hair.
by Dennis February 26, 2003
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1.(V.)To do something quickly and with vigor.
1. Come on daddy, let's tussle this shit.
2. Let's go tussle with the crew down the strip.
by LERLERLER March 17, 2008
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To smoke marijuana. Means the same thing as smoke, blaze, burn, etc.
by Rockindabed July 26, 2011
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