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A man who, when browsing his name on Urban Dictionary, will get a ridiculous confidence boost.
Person 1: Holy shit! Whoever this Kyle guy is, he seems pretty awesome.
by Insanity's Kinda' Fun February 12, 2015
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kyle, the best friend anyone could ask for. he is extremely loyal and very caring. sometimes has humor that is hard to understand. he will always be there for you when it counts. defends family and friends. when you meet a kyle never lose him... because that would be the worst mistake you could ever make. hes the best brosef ever
girl 1: hey I heard you and your boyfriend broke up.
girl 2: yeah but kyle was there for me while I cried.
by mj shane October 08, 2013
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a super amazing guy. he's sweet, funny, caring, cute/hot, lovable, playful, and a bit of a trouble-maker. he has pretty eyes, he loves anime and music, and he says some of the sweetest things in the world. he's unique. he always knows how to make you smile or laugh, and can definitely cheer you up when your down. he's very trust-worthy, and you can tell him anything. yes, he's some-what perverted and says perverted things sometimes, but only says it to make people laugh. alot of girls like him, but he's not the type of guy that goes and dates every girl he can get. you should feel special if you get close to him, because he doesn't let many people get that close to him. jesse is just awesome. <3
Kyle is just amazing. End of story. (:
by _kyle_ August 29, 2018
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Kyle- The most amazing person you'll ever meet. He has the biggest, warmest heart. He is amazing, perfect and everything a friend/girlfriend would want. Kyle can make you lose your little fights with his charm, and Kyle can make you go crazy for him. A Kyle is a knight in shinning armor, he is willing to save anyone he loves. If ever you hold onto a Kyle never let him go because he's the man of your dreams. Especially my dreams.
Look at that boy he is such a Kyle!
by PoopItsJocey January 28, 2013
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A handsome and sexy young man who can turn a woman on like no other. He has style, a smile you can see from a mile, and personality that draws you in for a while. He's a incredible friend, boyfriend, partner, and life companion. Anyone who's friends with Kyle or is in a relationship with one is bound to have an extraordinary life. No man can do what Kyle can.
There's no better life than one with a Kyle in it
by conqueringtheworld December 20, 2016
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Oh my goodness gracious. Kyle is the best guy you could ever ask for. He’s a great boyfriend/friend and he will let you know that he loves you. He’s smart, kind, funny, cute, and of course sexy! If you end up running into a Kyle...never let him go, and he will never let you go. He will talk about how beautiful/handsome and amazing you are. He will talk about a future with you! He listens to country music and is definitely a country boy at heart! Nevertheless he is the most amazing guy ever! Never let him go!
Girl 1: “damnnnn is that Kyle? He’s hottttttt”
GIrl 2: “oh yea that’s Kyle alrighty. Man I wish I was his girl!”
by “It’s b” November 04, 2017
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