Kyle is the nicest person you could ever meet. He is very kind and caring, he'll talk to you through anything whether it be good or bad. He is the type of person you can have conversations with for hours on end and never run out of something to talk about. He can be shy at first but he will really open up and make you the happiest person ever. Kyle can do the littlest things and it will make your whole day! They usually have the most heart melting smile and they give the most caring stare when looking at you. You can fall for him so fast and you can't do anything about it. Kyle is the funniest person and he will really brighten your day. Looking at him can just make you melt and he doesn't even know the control he has over that. If you know a Kyle like this description, talk to them, and get to know them. Because you will not regret it!🙃
Friend: "wow, sounds like you have yourself a Kyle!"
by Broken dryer January 23, 2019
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the fucking greatest person you will ever meet. The greatest fucking body you will ever see. He has the greatest laugh and funniest jokes. He would jump on a grenade to save his friends life.
Girl 1: He's a total Kyle.
Girl 2: Gah i'm wet just thinking about him!
by Yuo Chun February 2, 2019
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Kyle is a funny guy. He always makes jokes about sex. But, hes very lovable and cute. He can be a jerk. But, its hard to make him mad. He likes attention from girls.
Wow he is funny and cute.He is a Kyle.
by Badanboujebjtch01 January 27, 2017
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He’s a sweet and honest kid. He is always there for you and will listen to anything u say and will always be able to give you advice on anything. He is such an amazing friend and can be an idiot sometimes, but he is also very smart and cute.
Friend- hey Kyle can you help me out?
Kyle- yeah sure.
by Pepperlover December 27, 2017
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A guy who tends to be cocky and seems very self confident but is actually quite a shy guy. Good at collecting dirt on people but he won't use it unless betrayed or hurt. Very loyal, honest, trust worthy and kind. Smart guy with a good sense of humour and gets along well with girls, although he tends to see them as sisters rather than romantic interests. Charismatic and tall, not tied to any set race. A great friend.
Friend: I'm not sure if I should tell you...

Kyle: C'mon, would I seriously tell anyone? I already have enough dirt on you anyway, i'm not gonna use it.

Friend: True... okay.
by phoenixblitz February 13, 2013
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A handsome and sexy young man who can turn a woman on like no other. He has style, a smile you can see from a mile, and personality that draws you in for a while. He's a incredible friend, boyfriend, partner, and life companion. Anyone who's friends with Kyle or is in a relationship with one is bound to have an extraordinary life. No man can do what Kyle can.
There's no better life than one with a Kyle in it
by conqueringtheworld December 20, 2016
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Kyle, quick to change moods from calm to angry, doesnt take well to pain (he gets anrgy from it). When you get to know him, he is a whole different person, he is hilariouse, Smart and loves video games. Just because he loves playing games doesn mean he is dumb, the guy has a good future ahead of him. He always try to help, he will go out of his way to help you, he wont let you into his life unless he trusts you. And a Kyle trusting someone is rare, if he trust you and talks to you about personal things, then keep him close to you. He doesnt take well to losing friends, he gets pretty upset over it. He will also do anythig for his family, they might no recognise it but he changes just for them. He is protective and very adorable. He will make you smile in your darkets times, sometimes forgetting that he needs to talk about his feelings too (there is always someone there for you Kyle).
He is a great person to know.
"Kyle why do you help me?"
"because your my friend and i care about you"
by Black_Halo November 9, 2018
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