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A man who, when browsing his name on Urban Dictionary, will get a ridiculous confidence boost.
Person 1: Holy shit! Whoever this Kyle guy is, he seems pretty awesome.
by Insanity's Kinda' Fun February 12, 2015
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Kyle can be the two extremes of human. Either a a human god who makes life great and the best friend you could ever get. Or a piece os shit who will suck the goodness out of your life like a vacuum cleaner on your dick.
1. No life is as good as a Life as a Kyle.
2. “Fuck, YOUR’RE a piece of KYLE.” Or “EAT KYLE”
by BillyBoy0519 November 05, 2018
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Kyle is a person who acts happy around friends but at home is emotionless and tries to ignore his feelings and help others no matter what
Kyle is nothing like he is at school
by Nobody loves me May 07, 2018
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Kyle is a funny guy. He always makes jokes about sex. But, hes very lovable and cute. He can be a jerk. But, its hard to make him mad. He likes attention from girls.
Wow he is funny and cute.He is a Kyle.
by Badanboujebjtch01 January 26, 2017
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He’s a sweet and honest kid. He is always there for you and will listen to anything u say and will always be able to give you advice on anything. He is such an amazing friend and can be an idiot sometimes, but he is also very smart and cute.
Friend- hey Kyle can you help me out?
Kyle- yeah sure.
by Pepperlover December 26, 2017
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Kyle plays fortnite 24/7, has a fear of treadmills and can barely make it to his fridge after a sweaty fortnite session. Only just started walking to school with his “friends” that live in the same area as him to walk to school as well. Mans on damolas dick and has a wormhole of crisps in his pocket and got a 6 in this geography test (not grade 6, score of 6 out of 30) he once used “says u flip flop” as an insult and constantly says “WE WIN” and “point proven” he also frequently punches through drywall. He frequently drinks monsters (the canned drink)
Kyle: “yeah isn’t it”
Romeo “huh”
Romeo “wdym
Kyle “yeah Romeo”
Kyle: “point proven”
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Kyles are very amazing people. They are always there for you and will never forget about you. They take time out of there day to be there for you and your problems. Kyles can cheer you up fast by giving you compliments or just saying a joke. Over all Kyles are just amazing people and If you find yourself one you should hold on because you won't ever find one so amazing.
Kyle is amazing
by Oppshi August 01, 2015
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