Someone with long nasal hairs, short temper, and bad body oder. also making dumb facial expressions.
Your such a gayboy for coming to an event drenched in glow paint.
by supa dupa tough guy November 4, 2010
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some1 called davakarusty
oi u...gayboi!
by moose August 17, 2003
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Someone Fucked up that humps everything in sight such as poles
Look at that gayboy over there humping a pole
by Jeffy9810 October 29, 2018
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A brand new superhero who wows people with his weirdness
Gayboy Gavin saves the day!
by your mega homo January 29, 2019
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Someone who is either new at being gay or just doesnt know how to be.

John: Did you hear that Dave just came outta the closet?

Sam: Yeh hes such a Nooby Gayboy

Dave : I didnt know George Michael was gay!

William: Oh your such a Nooby Gayboy!

"I felt like such a Nooby Gayboy last night when i almost gagged"
by InstantaniousMan January 2, 2012
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