Young man named Sebastian. We all know he’s gay so there’s no argument. He looks at other people’s dicks and he grabs them. He once got a boner from wrestling another guy at David’s house.
Yo gayboy
Be quiet gay boy
by KizTheWiz June 10, 2019
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Anyone called ruby can be classed as a gayboy
you know ruby? yeah shes actually a gayboy, did you see the video of her in a scissor 4 way
by the cok master July 9, 2022
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yo its the gayboys”

matt and joe
by ballsandboobies February 6, 2022
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A insult used against rapper playboi carti to show how he’s “gay” and he’s music is dogshit/ass
Playboi Carti is good

You mean Gayboi Carti?
by I speak fax.con March 8, 2023
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