The gayest guy you'll ever see, he would pay you to let him suck your cock and he kisses people's ass so much that he keeps a picture of a male ass in his pocket to practice with.
he' s such a Walid (Gayboy), tried sucking my dick the other day
by Miniali February 27, 2020
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gayboy advanced

A male homosexual GBA gamer.If you suck/lick your fingers,lick/kiss other boys,tuck your dick into a boy's ass,suck other boys' dicks and you spend most time of your day playing on the GBA,it means you are a gayboy advanced.
guy 1:did you see that wanker last evening?he has no girlfriends and all he does is masturbating and acting gay to the other wonder why he's playing on his GBA.
guy 2:yeah fuck him he is a gayboy advanced
by chirurgu August 4, 2011
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A Niels Gayboy is a 16 year old boy who never touched his penis, he is very awkward and never wants to be with his friends, he would rather play computer than going to a sick party.
Boy 1: Yo bro you wanna go to the party at the school tomorrow?
A random Niels Gayboy: No man im gonna play on my pc like I do 24/7.
Boy 1: Bruuuuhh you are a real Niels gayboy!!!
by Stonelover69 February 12, 2020
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A guy with a girlfreind who lives with his gay roomate who hes in the closet with. his roomate probably has some lame nick name like snowball or coobie and they both probably go fishing all the time and play with eachothers rods when no ones watching this is the act of stealth sticking
My wife caught me with my gay lover she said i was being a gayboy bryan
by Pussysaurus January 20, 2018
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A guy who is in deep love with girls, yet somehow can't manage to get any. john
manage love somehow john the gayboy
by dwym February 3, 2011
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haha hahaha U gayboy treyboys!
"What's a gayboy treyboy"
by SHAG or DIE April 26, 2005
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A really gay guy who enjoys chatting up guys he meets in gay bars, and taking them back to his caravan on the industrial estate.
Did you hear what Hugh got up to with that guy last night? Apparently he was 67!
by a happy 67 year old July 14, 2003
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