1.a very dirty pussy or another word for a slut.
2.a wide set vagina (caused by being a slut)
suzie your such a slut no wonder you have a garbage bag
by HOt MaN December 02, 2004
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To be in a state of such drunkenness, that it would be necessary to cover all valuable items in garbage bags in order to protect them from vomit.
He was so garbage bagged he vomited all over my house
by garbage bags June 29, 2011
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to be drunk and stoned. you cant breath well, you cant see well, like a garbage bagged is around your head.
"dude why did you hook up with that fatass chick last night"..."hey man i was so garbage bagged she looked damn good"
by Yoseph Kemink July 10, 2008
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When several men gather in a combined attempt to group tea bag a gentleman's face. When it is done in a fashion as to humiliate said gentleman, this negates all homosexuality assosiated with mens balls touching.
"Hey guys, we've been camping for less than 4 hours and Adams already passed out. I say we garbage bag this bitch."
by Barnyard86 June 26, 2009
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Vomiting into a condom, putting it on, and then sodomzing a corpse.
"Yoooo bro, I did to much acid last weekend and wound up garbage bagging my grandma"
by Pukey Mcshitfuck February 03, 2009
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Karla: Hey Ahson, I just got you new shoe laces.
by NoFearNasir August 10, 2012
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