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A gentleman's is when someone smokes a joint just to themselves. Usually this also involved the person being alone, but it still counts as a gentleman's if you are in a group of two or more people but you are the only one smoking that specific joint.

The slang emerged in the mid 2010's in North London and is used mainly in this area but has since spread across London and to other Southern cities, such as Bristol and Cardiff.

There is much scholary debate about a woman partaking in "a gentleman's". The traditionalist school of thought purports that a gentleman's is always a gentleman's regardless of the smoker. The revisionist school of thought, which has been influenced by feminist stoners, suggests that the word should be feminised, and that women should refer to a joint they are smoking by themselves as a "lady's". Finally, most recently a post revisionist school of thought has proposed that all people should refer to their individual joint as a "person's". This final term has failed to find any popularity as slang. Most people will refer to a gentleman's as a gentleman's whether they are a man or woman, but you do occasionally hear people say "lady's".
Guy #1: Oi mate, you fancy some of this spliff? I'll roll a fatty?
Guy #2: Nah i better not, I got uni in an hour so gotta cut in like 15 minutes
Guy #1: Ah peak, I'll have a gentleman's instead then
Guy #2: Calm, I'll come out and have a rollie on the patio when you're zooting
by gentleman012 October 23, 2018
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