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prostitute,witness for the state,any opposing business,your boss,and that kid down the street that moved away at six years of age and now 10 years later his parents still live in the same house.....

my dad always said about a corpse "you wont have to worry about some one telling if you dont get rid of it before it starts smelling"
by INSANE1323 June 09, 2009
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someone who had to much to drink to much to smoke or both, and is "dead", or just passed out and not waking up
"dude john is a corpse!"
by attentionwandered July 04, 2006
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- a person who looks dead.
- somebody who lives across the road from you and owns

a campervan.
- a corpse could be in a wheelchair or use a walking stick
- yo, did u see that corpse rollin' down the road?
- yeaaman! shes the business.
by zjbean June 18, 2009
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A dilapidated human that appears to have been rammed in the rear hundreds of times by angry horses.
Look at that corpse over there...he can hardly walk!

Boss, I'm apologizing ahead of time for looking like a corpse--I had a late night.

"One who spoons with a corpse is one who feeds on the hay on which they previously shat." -Corpse Hunter
by colgatefreshyeaaa January 22, 2009
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