having loads of hot sex in one night.
gatlin did some major bagging.
by g daddy August 11, 2007
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to use, expropriate, or take advantage of, typically without permission or authorization
No, I didn't order any coffee, I was just bagging on their wifi.
by thoughtquifer October 2, 2011
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The sport of chasing a plastic bag on a windy day for no apparent reason.
It's not windy, we can't go bagging.
by korex December 30, 2004
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A method of solvent abuse in which the loser in question sprays the desired solvent into a plastic bag, then sticks his/her head into it and breathes.
Chav #1: Woooooaaaaarrrrggggghhhh! Wot choo doin today Deano?
Chav #2: Just bagging with some o' that spray-y superglue an' that.
Chav #1: Woooooooaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhh! Can I have a go?
Chav #2: Yeah mate slong syou gizzit back.
Chav #1: I am fuckin' doin! Gie us a minute wi' it!
Chav #2: No, cuz you've had it for ages! I wanna go now!
Chav #1: I've only just gorrit!
Chav #2: No you 'ant!
by Andy the Minger February 28, 2006
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shorter word for tea bagging. like when in an online game and you kil an other person u sit on there head lots of times so it looks like a tea bag.....
player 1: ooo i just got killed and hes bagging me the twat
player 2: hehehehe that will teach him to glitch the shit face...
by arron berry February 15, 2008
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A favourite hobby of Thai Lady-Boys which involves placing a paper bag over your partner's head during sex, and then sticking a photo on the bag of someone who you would actually rather be shagging...
I met this lad one night but I really wanted his mate (who wasnt too keen on my hairy legs) so I settled for this other bloke and decided to indulge in a spot of bagging, I masked him with a paper bag and on it stuck a picture of my favourite English Chemistry student, which make me horny for long time and we had bang bang sexy time.
by Shehang December 23, 2007
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