You are all wrong..A Dirty Pussy is when you are having intercourse with your lady you swap from her vagina to her anus back to her vagina...thus making it a dirty pussy.
While having sex in the missionary position you quickly pull out of the vagina and thrust it into her anus and then return back to the vagina, creating a dirty dont want to pound the anus to much it gets loose!
by J.R.S. January 2, 2007
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Not washing your dirty pussy.
Use soap you smelly bitches!
Lisa has a dirty pussy.. she didn't bathe today.
by QueenieBrooke July 30, 2006
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A dirty pussy is a pussy that gets fucked a ton of times by a different guy every time, and the girl who has the dirty pussy is a slut, whore, cock monster, varsity whore, etc.
Larissa has a dirty pussy and is a fucking bitchy ass SLUT. She fucks guys as often as she breathes in air into her lungs.
by pimp daddy dollars February 18, 2005
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A dirty pussy is a slut who has hooked up with too many guys for her age or gone further, or a guy who has hooked up/gone further with this particular slut. Usually referrenced as being a "DP" .
Brianna blew John and Joe last night at the same time! She's such a dirty pussy!

Gabi offered anal sex to her bestfriend's ex boyfriend last night because they got into a fight. She's mad dp!
by {RealTalk} January 30, 2011
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Wow your friends dirty pussy stinks so bad It makes me wanna jump in front of that speeding car. Someone should tell that bitch go kill herself.
by #ughIamtheDickTionarynow July 6, 2018
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if you're ever in Las Vegas looking for some strange, stay off Twain, HIV positive prostitutes since 2019 this is a public service announcement. The Circus doesen't end once you leave the casino, it follows you home, steals your credit card information, your vehicle, and your identity,
Gossip 1: I heard Kyrah A. and Leah C. were over in the Emerald Green hotel rooms knowingly giving police officers and other people HIV.
Gossip 2: Girrrrrl I heard Kyrah said she didn't care. they've been kicked out of every city they've lived in anyways..
Child: I heard her say she was going to kill someone.
Gossip 1: Those whores are scary as fuck they talk but wont do anything. everyone knows that. The whole neighborhood calls them DPG wherever they walk.
Gossip 2: DPG??
Child: They were yelling DPG (DIRTY PUSSY GANG) at kyrahs sister as she walked down the street. They all have hiv.
by Hotchocol8doc November 23, 2020
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a smell you smell when a girl doesnt understand her vagina needs to be washed with soap and water, the answer to the question what the fuck is that smell.
"dude did you smell that?"

" What? That dirty wolf pussy? Yes i did! Didnt you see me gagging?"

"No my eyes were watering!"
by the inn January 10, 2010
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