A ranking system used in many games for diffrent charactes, or sometimes in a social order. they tend to go from Top to Bottom. Sometimes they will be ordered by number, but the problem with this is that it is hard to determine if 1. is the top or bottom tier. Selecting a bottom tier character in a video game is basically having lost at the select screen
Shiek's insane combo ability, needles, and speed make her Top Tier.
by BlackLightning March 3, 2004
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A pathetic attempt by fighting gamers to "categorize" the skill level of fighters as if some are way better than others. Deluded people who are obsessed with winning look at tiers to make sure they pick the "best" fighter instead of just playing with who they like and getting good with him/her. People think that tier lists are legitimate but the truth is anyone can make one and claim that fighter A is SSSSS tier and fighter B is a C+. And of course people are stupid enough to buy into it so they won't even play with their favorite fighter ever just because some idiot said he/she was low tier. Then they'll play with a fighter they hate just because he/she was at the top of the list so he/she is automatically the best regardless of the player's skill. Nowadays, everyone looks at these stupid things to determine who's "worth playing as" instead of just playing the game and enjoying it.
Guy 1: I'm going to piiiiiick...... Raven.
Guy 2: Lol Raven is low tier dude, you'll never beat Kazuya because he's SSS tier! See, it says it right here at Ihavenolife.com!
Guy 1: Okay, but I've been playing Tekken since I was in kindergarten. I think I'm pretty good by now.
by lonelyrootbeer June 10, 2015
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A way used by stupid people to define how good a character in a game is, usually used in the Super Smash Bros series of games. Someone using a top-tier character who is then beaten by a low-tier character will immeditely go into super whine mode and claim that the low-tier character 'cheated', because there's no way he/she could have won without cheating. This is bullshit.

Short definiton: A measurement of the cheapness of a character in a game. More cheapness= higher tier.
Player 1: *Chooses Fox*

Player 2: *Chooses Kirby*

Player 1: LOL Kirby is low-tier you're gonna get owned

*After match*

The winner is.... KIRBY


Player 2: Dude... Stop whining, you got owned.
by brawlguy September 21, 2008
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One who ties shoes at a professional level, often times in a quick manner with few movements.
Angeleena is a professional tier. She tied Michael's shoes all the time, because he sucked at it.
by michaelcerveny March 10, 2017
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tiered- A way dumb ass people spell tired
Texter #1- omg, im so tiered.

Texter #2- yea, im tired too.

Texter #1-OMG, way to 1up me, asshole!
by Boredhuh July 15, 2011
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Always trying to be one step better. Always upgrading your lifestyle. Keeping up with the Jones's.
John got a new Escalade and his best friend Joe got one the next week. Joe is always tiering.
by Jalah Cruz August 29, 2017
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A enormously fat person. So fat it is Disgusting. From the original word, Fartnockatier.
"Tier!" "Tier" "You are a Tier!"
by Svi and Svelick July 29, 2009
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