When you drink mass amounts of liquor quickly, and you feel the same until 15 minutes later when it crushes yo' face. Hence, the liquor metaphorically punches you right in the face.
Drinker: Yo, I just chugged 99 bananas and I don't feel a thing.
Boozehound: Wait till you get punched in the face so hard!
by Estep November 15, 2008
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A game in which the goal is lolz. The way to play is simple. You must make a sign that says "Punch to the Face" and draw a fist under it. You must then place that sign in a hidden spot where someone will find it. Rules for hiding:

1. The sign cannot be placed the open.
2. You can never hide a Punch to the Face sign in the same place as before.
3. You can never hide a Punch to the Face sign where someone else has hidden one.
4. You cannot force someone or trick someone into seeing a sign.
5. No lame spots

The Punch to the Face can be any size and be made in anyway you can imagine. The more creative the better.

Should you be a victim of a truly epic Punch to the Face sign, you must shout to the heavens in anguish as though God himself has punched you in the Face.
The first ever punch to the face:

Joe grabs Jim's phone while Jim is not looking. He quickly takes a picture of his fist and makes it the background. He then types a banner that says "Punch to the Face" and places the phone back down. Hours later Jim picks up the phone only to be punched in the face. Jim reacts horribly and vows revenge.
by titanfan/dreed March 10, 2009
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When one's fist unwillingly (or sometimes willingly) makes an other-than-delicate connection with your face.
Rick was being a wicked jerk, so he totally got a punch in the face.
by Bagelhat October 18, 2010
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metaphoric phrase that describes what one experiences when urinating after having consumed a significant amount of asparagus.
Dani - "Have you ever noticed that your pee smells funny after eating asparagus? It's like being punched in the face by urine!"
by tinogrrl January 12, 2011
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The act of using words to create the same feeling generated by being punched in the face.
Girl: Zack you're such an stupid guy, I'm gonna copulate with your best friend!

Zack: Well I just got verbally punched in the face!
by Kiteshugo June 8, 2010
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A term given to a person, usually a man, that has an excruciating characteristic, usually physical, that makes you unwillingly want to deck them in the face. They pretty much look like huge assholes, you'll know one when you see one. They may not necessarily be an asshole. Jack Nicholson and AJ Pierzynski have intense punch me faces.
"I got fired from work today."
"No shit? Why?"
"I don't know, my boss just has this punch me face."
by ShaneP!!! June 11, 2007
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The most epic action imaginable. Must be done while wearing a wolf shirt. Successful completion of this action will bring total consciousness and a plethora of lulz.
by ADCS May 21, 2009
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