A Jameson is one of the most funny guy's you will ever meet. They are so kind and treats everyone with respect. He gets lots of attention from girls but never lets it get to his head. Jameson's have the biggest heart and always knows how to put a smile on everyone's face. If you want to have a good time, then hang out with a Jameson. He will be the most genuine person you will ever meet. If you get a Jameson in your life, never let him go because you probably won't meet someone as amazing as he is.
GIRL: "Wow, I can't stop thinking about this guy"
FRIEND: "Who is it?"
GIRL: "His name is Jameson"
by tree power tower September 2, 2020
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In short. A total boss playa who is awesome in every way possible. Bitches be lining up around the block to see him. He is extremely modest for someone as awesome as he is. He can also be described as a tank or pimp. He has the body of a Greek god and a awesome smile that leaves you breathless. If you mess with him he will mess u up till you look wi-wi-wi-wiggidy whack.
Guy 1: Hold up playa!! Who is that??

Guy 2: Shit man! Thats Jameson.

Guy 1: THE Jameson? Dam, he's even more awesome in person!
by Infamous BD November 22, 2011
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Jameson is a great friend . He probably has black or blonde hair. Jameson always cares for others before himself but sometimes likes to be the center of attention. Jameson will treat his girlfriend with lots of respect and if you are mean or doubt in Jameson it’ll come back to you hard.
“Jameson is my friend
by Touchdownslasherx May 26, 2019
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This extremely sexy man can be a dick at times but is the loyalist friend you'll ever have. This savage is normally ripped and an amazing fighter but is always underestimated as it is very rare to see him in action, or his muscles. This man always gets girls but never the specific one he wants, so he can never use that big dick of his. He has a high level of intelligence but can be a little lazy at times. In short, this guy may seem normal but is really a bad ass mother fucker.
"You see that new kid? He's seems so normal but I bet he's a Jameson."
by Hades007 March 4, 2017
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He is so kind and caring. He is one of the most hilarious humans you'll know. He will not hesitate to tease you if you do something wrong. He is always there for you even when you think he is not. He gets mad if you haven't seen his favorite romance movie. He can be a bit of a flirt, but you love him for who he is.
Jameson and I are best friends, but could we be something more?
by personwithtoomanyfeelings July 26, 2019
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A brand of irish whiskey, usually in the mid-price range. Best enjoyed straight and on the rocks.
I've had a shitty day, get me an octouple Jameson on the rocks.
by AJM7593 May 17, 2008
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A Champion,King Shit, A Jameson is awesome in every way possible,He has a big penis and he is not afraid to use it,and a person who doesnt take shit from no one,and has no problem opening a big can of whoop ass on anyone,and also loves pussy and titties.
Nick pulled a Jameson yesterday by punching that faggot right in his tooth.
by Jdogg182 December 18, 2008
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