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The best hottest and funniest girl you could ever come along, she will make your legs give up when you fall for her!❤️
"She is my Tanika stay away boys."
by Rohan Wattsy December 26, 2016
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definition as a noun:
example: she always wins at ninja. ALWAYS.

2. can do whatever she wants and still look like a BOSS. (yes it will always be a girl b/c no boy can handle this mess.)
example: "OMG. Tanika is so cool." "Yeahh... like a boss.";

3. an artiste who can make anything look amazing.
example: my sunglasses.

4. rocket snail co-creator
example: zoom zoom :D

definition as an adjective/adverb:
1. describes something completely and totally beautiful
example: wow. your dress is so Tanika.

2. describes an action that makes you look so stupid, its amazing
example: "wowowow. way to awkwardly dance the disco when everyone is grinding." "nope. i'm dancing Tanika style."

definition as a verb
1. being a beast.
example: dude you are so tanika.

2. being a sexy ninja.
example: dude, you look so tanika in that black ninja costume.
see above for Tanika examples
by Dinae October 23, 2011
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A positive person that is funny and artistic. She has the skills like an artist. She is imaginative and funny. She can be a little weird sometimes but in a good way. If you ever meet a Tanika, treat her like a best friend. Do not ruin your friendship with A Tanika. The connection will last forever!
"OMG! She is SOOO artistic! She must be A Tanika!"
"She told me a joke about this goat! It was HILARIOUS GIRL!"
by TiaLuvsDonuts August 21, 2018
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The most Awesomest, Nicest, Prettiest, Sexiest, Cutest, Sweetest, and most Amazing girl in the whole wide world.
I will never find another girl like Tanika.
by DJ-Nigray February 28, 2009
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