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A male of superiority, wits and killer good-looks. Most Nathaniel's will be on the sweet side, mostly joking his way through things, and genuinely an amazing guy to be around. Nathaniel's usually have a gravitational personality, drawing you closer to them. This is a good, and bad thing; because while having their awestruck personality, they can be addictive, and you can get attached too easily, too fast.
Girl 1: Oh, wow... That guy is so cute! I wonder if he's interested..
Girl 2: He's a Nathaniel, and you're falling for him fast. So typical.
by isatS April 09, 2013
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Nathaniel is the type of guy that you wouldn't want to slip away. He's loving and caring. He will accept you for who you are. Nathaniel will show up when no one else does. He will stay up for you, when everyone else is against you. He will make you want to fall in love with him. Nathaniel is the type of guy that makes sure your okay while he's hurting. He always wants to see you happen. His girlfriends happieness makes his day. He always says the sweetest things. He's not one to argue with, cause he's not having it. He stands up for what he believes in. Nathaniel will not give up on you. He is an incredibly smart man. When he talks you have know choice but to listen. He is a handsome man that knows what we wants, and how to get it. He can drive a woman crazy without even trying. Nathaniel Is the type of man you marry and grow old with.
GIRL: I can't wait to see my man Nathaniel today.
GIRL: I wish I had a man like yours.
by ikeepitwarm June 09, 2013
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A caring, loyal guy. He tries to be helpful to all and has a great charisma. He is fierce and protective when it comes to those he loves. He is a kind, intelligent, lovable guy (and at times very romantic and cute) He sometimes feels guilty for things that aren't his fault. With his looks and his smarts, Nathaniel is a force to be reckon with. He isn't aware of his feelings most of the time or is scare to voice it, but give him time he will surely come around to it. At times he is sensitive and shy but that only happens when he is uncomfortable. He is a great, smart, loving, caring person that deserves a whole bucket full of happiness. Whether he wants it or not. He just sometimes needs a push in a direction to get him moving. He is capable of love and relationships. He is a great friend/lover to simply talk to and enjoy hanging out!
Boy 1: Yo did you see who got the highest marks?

Boy 2: I did! It was Nathaniel, man.

Girl: Ohmigod, he's cute and smart! I wonder if he will ever look my way.
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Just about the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He's smart and funny. He's really curious. He's friendly but shy, and he's accomodating. He's a great person. He's honest. He has his glitches, but you hardly notice them over that irresistable charm. If you find a Nathaniel, you'll be luck to have him.
Nathaniel is super sweet, you should meet him.
by BeautifulBabyGirl August 28, 2010
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A very loving, sweet, caring, LOYAL, amazing friend/Boyfriend. He has some very good talents such as Drawing, Baseball, and Football. He has those amazing crystal blue eyes that are to die for. When you look into them your heart melts. He is such a sweetheart. He will give the world to see his girlfriend smile. He is the most LOYAL guy you will ever meet. He is somebody that you can just sit down and talk to about anything no matter what it is about. Nathaniel is the cutest guy you will ever meet. When he says he LovesYou he means it and will tell the world. If you find a Nathaniel you better NEVER let him go.
If you have a Nathaniel you are very lucky.
by ILoveYouNATHANIEL January 27, 2014
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A nice and amazing person you would be lucky if you are friends with Nathaniel because he puts your stuff in front of his. Also you would love hanging out with Nathaniel because he always buys his friends things and never gets mad. He's also super cute even though he doesn't know it. He's also a very emotional person and gets sad easily. He's also very sporty so he's very strong.
GIRL: look at that guy over there he's so nice

GIRL: yeah that's nathaniel
by Natey_ July 08, 2017
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The love of my life and quite possibly the great thing that's ever happened to me.

He's always there when I feel down or need a hug. He's the kind of person who could cheer up even the saddest person. Through everything I've been through, I'm glad he could be there for me.

He's a one of a kind person you'd do almost anything for, and the one I want to grow up and marry.
Person 1: Man I wish I had a guy like Nathaniel.
Person 2: Well, he's mine.
by xXRaggedFangXx October 19, 2017
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