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A very loyal, sweet, and caring person. A good friend to have, he will always be by your side and never betrays anyone. Usually a Nathaniel is a bit shy when asking out his crush, but will always be there for her. Around his crush he would probably try to make friends with her. Most Nathaniel’s are on the sweet side meaning no matter what he will make a friend feel happy even if it mean making him feel terrible. He is trust worthy and won’t tell anyone a secret unless its his own and he is telling a good friend or GF. It’s barley possible for him to cross the line because he loves his friends more than himself. If you’re friends with a Nathaniel then you’re very lucky. He will always help you with anything you need/want. I’m happy that my best friend is a Nathaniel..
1. Yo Nathaniel.

2. What?

1. Can you do something for me?

2. Yeah, what do you need?

1. Can you ask my crush out for me bro?

2. Ok I’ll do it right now.
by The_Failure April 16, 2019
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The sweetest boyfriend you’ll ever have. He’s kind, smart, funny, goofy, and overall amazing. He’s creative and an artist even when he says he’s not. He’s adorable and cute.

He always thinks he not good enough for his girlfriend but in reality he’s too good for his girlfriend.
Nathaniel has been cheated on which makes him have trust issues when he’s with the wrong people. Always is teasing his girlfriend and will do anything for her. He makes Jannah a third wheel.
S- Oh yeah I’m dating Nathaniel

S- Yeah.... hes amazinggg
J- You just want me to be a third wheel 😭
by TheUnforesakenLlama March 30, 2019
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Just about the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He's smart and funny. He's really curious. He's friendly but shy, and he's accomodating. He's a great person. He's honest. He has his glitches, but you hardly notice them over that irresistable charm. If you find a Nathaniel, you'll be luck to have him.
Nathaniel is super sweet, you should meet him.
by BeautifulBabyGirl August 28, 2010
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Dear Nathaniel,

I love that you know me.

I love your facial expressions.

I love the way you say my name.

I love the way you want to tell me things.

I love your smile.

I love your laugh.

I love that we have same sense of humour.

I love that we're on the same wavelength.

I love the friendly flirting.

I love our conversations.

I love that you care, even if it's not the kind of care that I want.

I love the way your eyes light up when you laugh.

I love that I'm your favorite.

I love that you're concerned about me.

I love how you make me burst into fits of laughter after everything you say, because you really are that funny to me.

I love how you trust me.

I love that I can trust you.

I love that you're close by.

I love that I was able to know you.

I Love You.

Sincerely, Xellina
who's Nathaniel?
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by Xellina December 17, 2019
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A male of superiority, wits and killer good-looks. Most Nathaniel's will be on the sweet side, mostly joking his way through things, and genuinely an amazing guy to be around. Nathaniel's usually have a gravitational personality, drawing you closer to them. This is a good, and bad thing; because while having their awestruck personality, they can be addictive, and you can get attached too easily, too fast.
Girl 1: Oh, wow... That guy is so cute! I wonder if he's interested..
Girl 2: He's a Nathaniel, and you're falling for him fast. So typical.
by isatS April 09, 2013
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Nathaniel is the type of guy that you wouldn't want to slip away. He's loving and caring. He will accept you for who you are. Nathaniel will show up when no one else does. He will stay up for you, when everyone else is against you. He will make you want to fall in love with him. Nathaniel is the type of guy that makes sure your okay while he's hurting. He always wants to see you happen. His girlfriends happieness makes his day. He always says the sweetest things. He's not one to argue with, cause he's not having it. He stands up for what he believes in. Nathaniel will not give up on you. He is an incredibly smart man. When he talks you have know choice but to listen. He is a handsome man that knows what we wants, and how to get it. He can drive a woman crazy without even trying. Nathaniel Is the type of man you marry and grow old with.
GIRL: I can't wait to see my man Nathaniel today.
GIRL: I wish I had a man like yours.
by ikeepitwarm June 09, 2013
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He loves his iPad and Infinity Guantlet
Nathaniel lives for his iPad
by iPad January 18, 2019
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