usually used sarcastically to describe a difficult or trying time
"I had three essay finals to complete in one weekend... Fun times."
by goldenrule October 16, 2020
general term referring to doing something that pleases oneself that can mean one of the following:
(1) the act of ingesting alcoholic beverages; (2) sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex; (3) the act of making out with someone of the opposite sex; (4) or the act of masturbation
All's I wanted was some fun time and you are ruining fun time.
by Rusty Gillespie April 21, 2005
when you are in class and you are definetly not having a fun time, used as sarcasm
ready for history?”
“yea it’s gonna be a fun time *eye roll*”
by jagstruefan23 October 15, 2018
A colorful euphemism for prison rape. This usually occurs in the public showers, due to the excess of soap and other lube available.
Big scary guy: "Hey Tommy! Guess what time it is, boy?"

Tommy: "P-Prison Fun Time?"

Big scary guy #2: "That's right, boy!"
by Vendaciousness February 2, 2018
When you decide to grab your shower jel and smother it around your finger and finger your own asshole on a Thursday.
Mike: why do you smell like mint shower jel
Me:it's fun time Thursday why do you think
by FingerMyAss April 22, 2019
a girl who is only concerned with having fun herself. usually obnoxious and laughs at others misfortunes in an evil way.
when the poor boy fell down in the slippery hallway, that
fun-time-gal just stood there and laughed.
by kvakster March 23, 2010