An extremly gay thought/moment had while smoking winklemouse.
James: Yo dawg, this winklemouse is off tha shizit, I wanna fuck you in the ass.

Daniel: Wow man, I think your having way to much sparkle fun time.
by Sparkle Fun Timer August 7, 2007
when you and your friends go over to another friends house but he/she isnt home, but the mom is home, so wtv start up a conversation and she invites you and ur buddies in and offers some wine from a box then calls some of her friends over. and Nik never suspects that his mom is a whore with whore friends
hey did u guys hear about the a fun time for all at nik's house last night??.......... no
by Mike spiderman July 29, 2006
Shitting in a garbage bag and then hitting someone in the face with the bag.
Nason pissed off Ryan, so Ryan shit in a bag and happy-fun-timed him.
by SoldierFinn44 April 9, 2014
Eddy Fun Time is one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. He has the biggest heart and loves to love people. He will make you laugh... a lot. He is a servant. You’ll forget how talented he really is. His voice impersonations are spot on. He makes cool YouTube videos. Subscribe! Everyone loves to be around him. Anyone with an Eddy Fun Time in their life sure is blessed.
“Hey, what are you watching?” -V
“Oh, just Eddy Fun Time’s lastest video. It’s so litty!!!” -M
by Urmom56 March 18, 2018
Eyo, Carlton. It’s silly happy fun time

Carlton: stfu I don’t know you bruh. Who is you? Get out of my house also
by The Grumpy Clatt December 9, 2019
Uncommonly used, but still heard once in a while. It's a phrase that Winnie from Animal Crossing would use every now and then (and I imagine that a few other characters similar to Winnie would use it too). Fun to say if your bored/hyper.
You're really giving me this cookie?? Yay! Super-happy-fun-time!
by person ^^ May 20, 2004
The experience when foreigners go to another county to "study" or "work". Really those foreigners are just going to party and occupy native women's vagina's like the imperialists did 2000 years ago.
I just got a job in Shanghai! Man, I am going to have some happy happy fun time with all those prostitutes in KTV!
by Laowai69 March 22, 2011