When your family only consists of two consenting adults, preferably married or in a long term relationship, and it's time to bone down. Often useful as a suggestion when in front of others, but without saying "let's go have sex now."
Before we go have dinner with those people, we need some family fun time.

Oh, I'm sorry, we won't be able to make it to church this Sunday. We have family fun time scheduled all morning.
by ChimmieChanga January 22, 2015
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CHRIS GOD DAMNIT, STOP TRYING TO FIND EXPLOITS! we are having a fun time here!
by Bootlegboris March 13, 2017
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Fun time hours is the time to beat your meat while watching your favorite hentai or porn
Hey dude meet outside we about to have some fun time hours
by Hentai lover 69 April 19, 2018
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Girl: Sup?

Guy: Nm. Just got done with happy fun time. ;)

Girl: O.o... wow tmi
by gurl1687 June 30, 2009
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Another way to say 'sex' without your teacher knowing what you're talking about.
Hey Bob, did you hear that Stacy & Steve had happy-fun-time last night?
by ThatOneGuyThatJustShowsUp December 20, 2014
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when a guy picks up two girls at a club and does it doggystyle with one while the one he is fucking has a strapon banging the other or eating the other girls pussy out and then the two girls switch.
Jon,i herd you alex and sammi did the orgasm fun time last night.
by Big z the beast January 14, 2011
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Any time that relates to having a good time. Usually relates to anything involving alcohol and friends.
Billy was at the bar last night, and it was happy fun time.
by Lavtt December 2, 2008
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