When inmates are forced into sexual intercourse by more dominant inmates.
7% of inmates in US prisons claim to have been raped

4% claim to have been repeatedly raped.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
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The funniest thing that cold ever happen to a sex offender
(1) Dude! Did you hear what happened to that Penn State coach? He got fucked in the shower last night! HAHAHAHAHA! Karma's a bitch, now he is one too!!!!!!

(2) In order to prevent prison rape, one must hold on to that soap and not drop it!
by E-Dog1209 February 15, 2016
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1) When a male inmate is raped by a fellow inmate or guard. The rapee is then known as a punk, bitch, fuck boy, etc and usually has long hair and a weak or feminine frame.

2) When a female inmate is raped by a prison guard. Female inmates can also be raped by other inmates but it is less common. Often before or afterwards, they will have to do some type of task or labor for the guard like cleaning an office.
1) Robert got sent to prison for 365 days when he was 18 but experienced prison rape over 500 times during his stay.

2) Janelle was young and pretty so she was raped by two male prison guards in her Oregon state prison.
by newcastle ale December 21, 2010
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the only thing that is worse than banging the big Rigationi's girlfriend
have you seen J.R. that's almost as bad as prison rape
by shalln'te'eno April 25, 2003
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1. Term used mainly in sports to describe a largely decisive victory over an opponent by a large difference in score or time.

2. Term used mainly in sports to describe the perceived bias of officials against one player or team in a sporting event.

References the humiliation and blatant sexual abuse rendered upon a person in an actual Prison Rape.
Rob: Did you see the Browns game last night? They lost 56-0.
Pete: Yeah, they got Prison Raped by the Patriots.

Rob: Did you see that Kronwall hit on Havlat in last nights Wings game?
Pete: Yeah, brutal, but Kronwall was Prison Raped by the officials for getting a game misconduct. That was totally a legal hit.
by Scooby McDoo May 24, 2009
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not unheard of in prisons, dildos are smuggled in inside prisoners' pussys. the lesbian prison rape is carried out by causing the "victim" to drop their soap in the showers and, when they bend over to pick it up, ramming them up the ass with a dildo.
aargh beii that way some rich shit nigga lesbian prison rape fuck going doooooooooooown

tell me bout it mush, that bitch's ass got fucked up!

true, true
by buswanka November 18, 2010
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when a girl rapes another girl in prison
lesbian prison rape: so theres this girl...horny and lives in prison. so she gets this broomstick and shoves it up her crotch. mmm mmm. then she tells the other bitch to BEND THE FUCK OVER!!! she then sticks the other end up the other bitches ass and fucks the shit outta that bitch....in the ass!!!! WITH A BROOM!
by good time July 13, 2008
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