A YouTuber that you should definitely subscribe to NOW
Me:have any ideas of YouTubers I could watch?
Friend: how about Fun Time With Kara
Me: wow this is a great channel! Thanks for telling me about it.
by Fun Time With Kara YT October 31, 2020
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noun: This term can refer to any joyous or even nonsensical event.
My girlfriend and I enjoy happy fun times when she gets drunk and aroused.

When the boss leaves, all of the workers immediately revert to happy fun times.
by EvanJM February 7, 2007
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Bummy fun time is when you have fun with someone’s bum
Hey Sandra want to do Bummy fun time and then make chalk people
by Ronny boggy November 30, 2021
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Fun Fun Time, means sex or masturbation. I made this up as a joke so my friends don’t bother me for a few minutes, or I am actually doing it. So that’s the explanation
*on discord*

Timmy: shut the fuck up bob I’m trying to have my fun fun time go away.
by FUNFUNTIMEMAN September 25, 2020
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The best porn discord server on the platform.
Bro, have you joined Fun Time Playground yet? They are so amazing.
by Xarcov September 2, 2020
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In response by typically an American Citizen to event or idea, which maybe fun.
Friend # 1: "Dude, we should grab a box of keebler elves and watch Who's the Boss!"
Friend #2 "Fun Times USA"
by M. Cain August 20, 2008
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When you decide to grab your shower jel and smother it around your finger and finger your own asshole on a Thursday.
Mike: why do you smell like mint shower jel
Me:it's fun time Thursday why do you think
by FingerMyAss April 22, 2019
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