a girl who is only concerned with having fun herself. usually obnoxious and laughs at others misfortunes in an evil way.
when the poor boy fell down in the slippery hallway, that
fun-time-gal just stood there and laughed.
by kvakster March 23, 2010
noun: This term can refer to any joyous or even nonsensical event.
My girlfriend and I enjoy happy fun times when she gets drunk and aroused.

When the boss leaves, all of the workers immediately revert to happy fun times.
by EvanJM February 7, 2007
The best porn discord server on the platform.
Bro, have you joined Fun Time Playground yet? They are so amazing.
by Xarcov September 2, 2020
In response by typically an American Citizen to event or idea, which maybe fun.
Friend # 1: "Dude, we should grab a box of keebler elves and watch Who's the Boss!"
Friend #2 "Fun Times USA"
by M. Cain August 20, 2008
When your family only consists of two consenting adults, preferably married or in a long term relationship, and it's time to bone down. Often useful as a suggestion when in front of others, but without saying "let's go have sex now."
Before we go have dinner with those people, we need some family fun time.

Oh, I'm sorry, we won't be able to make it to church this Sunday. We have family fun time scheduled all morning.
by ChimmieChanga January 22, 2015
CHRIS GOD DAMNIT, STOP TRYING TO FIND EXPLOITS! we are having a fun time here!
by Bootlegboris March 13, 2017