8 definitions by MrBober

Totally random person who just happened to be in the same class as you.
"It's Jo..... whatever and he's my classmate."
by MrBober April 19, 2021
Mass virus spreading event, similar to Trump rally, but instead of respiratory disease, STDs are being spread.
Person 1: I've been to that orgy, it was pretty fun.
Person 2: Dude, don't even come close to me, I don't want your HIV!
by MrBober August 5, 2021
Azoolocuism - disbelief or lack of belief that animals can talk.
Person 1: I don't think donkeys can talk.
Person 2: YOu fuCkinG AzOOlocUist!!1!!1! DoNkeYS cAN tALk!!!1!21!! 1iDNt yOU wAtcH ShREk?!?!?! ItS An uNdesPUtaBLe PrOOf tHat uR wRonG!!1!!! BuT yOuR a CLoSe miNDeD aZoOLoCusiT aND yOu WoNt acCePT iT caUsE iT cOnTRadiCts YOu'Re rELiGioN!1!1! It tAkEs MoRe faiTH tO bELieVe aZooLocUiSm tHaN tO bELieVe tHaT DonKeyS cAn TaLk!!!1!1!
by MrBober July 3, 2021
Extreme or irrational fear or dislike of kitchenware.
Tom has panphobia, so he has to eat in the restaurant every day.
by MrBober May 15, 2021
AND gat - a logic gate which gives the value one if and only if all the operands are one, and otherwise has a value of zero.
I sexually identify as an AND gate and since AND gate's output is only true when all (2 or more) inputs are true, I am only turned on when there are 2 active inputs, which means that I like threesomes.
by MrBober June 2, 2021