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ruckus: causing a scene; starting trouble; to introduce an unrest or other tension to a social gathering
Apollo: You trying to start a ruckus here in general chat, sir?

Random User: *LMFAO NAH BRUV*

Apollo: *Bans* @Random User
by Vendaciousness June 24, 2018
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A colorful euphemism for prison rape. This usually occurs in the public showers, due to the excess of soap and other lube available.
Big scary guy: "Hey Tommy! Guess what time it is, boy?"

Tommy: "P-Prison Fun Time?"

Big scary guy #2: "That's right, boy!"
by Vendaciousness February 2, 2018
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Similar to outercourse, but without any real life (IRL, in person) contact. Like intercourse and outercourse, but without the proximity requirement implicit in the other two.

Sexual activity that is not intercourse, nor outercourse, but involves two people and whose goal is orgasm.

Where Othercourse Happens:
- On the phone, like phone sex lines or party lines.
- In a private voice/video call, such as on Messenger, Skype, Zoom or Discord.
- Private Cam Shows
- On Omegle or similar sites

Other similar terms which may include Othercourse: eSex, sexting, cybersex, snapsex, skypesex.
KittyGrrl: Sorry David, but this is the internet. It's not like you can fuck me through the internet...yet

Senpai of Chibi: I can try... Call me. No video, just voice. I'll explain Othercourse to you...

KittyGrrl started a call that lasted 46 minutes...

KittyGrrl: Your breathing makes me...like...a waterfall. That was really hot!

Senpai of Chibi: Just wait. I'm gonna buy a vibe for you that I can control from anywhere in the world.

KittyGrrl: And I'm still a virgin on paper... Bonus!
by Vendaciousness January 24, 2020
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Can be either:
1). A relationship that develops online, with no face-to-face element and/or no plans for ever meeting up in the real world or consummating the relationship physically with intercourse.

2). Using online sites and services to find someone to eDate, whom you have no intention of ever meeting in real life.
Guy 1: That girl has a different guy in a video call, every night. Always eDating someone different, every time I look! I wonder if she'll ever find her "Mr. Right" by eDating random dudes, online...
Guy 2: Bro, it's eDating. Let's hope that Mr. Right is out having drinks on the weekend, rather than picking up eGirls on some eDating server on Discord.
Guy 1: I guess I ain't Mr. Right...
Guy 2: Did you just figure that out, genius?
by Vendaciousness June 16, 2020
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ask-hol; (Noun), New User Variant: Someone who asks questions that could be answered in 5 seconds with a Google search, or by reading the FAQ for new users. Especially common online, you can find them in hardware and software forums, asking the same questions that are pinned to the top of every forum. If they can, they will tie up a software dev's time answering questions, when they could be fixing actual bugs, rather than user errors.
NewUser9822: I need help installing Deforum. I installed it just like the tutorial says, but it doesn't show up in my Automatic1111.
Deforum Dev: Have you restarted your Automatic1111 after installing the extension, like it says in the tutorial?
NewUser9822: OK, that fixed it! Now I clicked on Generate and I'm getting an error. I think I found a bug.
Deforum Dev: Did you change the default settings?
NewUser9822: Yeah, I changed a lot of things. I don't remember which ones.
AdvancedUser666: Dude, read the FAQ. Don't be an askhole.
by Vendaciousness May 22, 2023
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Someone who ties you up experts by asking simple questions he could get in 30 seconds by typing his question into Google. The questions are often asked on GitHub (reported as an Issue), Quorum, Reddit, or an online forum, where it takes much longer to post the questions/answers, but an Askhole not only wastes his own time rather than bother reading anything, but he expects any experts to answer his stupid question, even if it is in the FAQ, pinned in the forum and answered 20 other times on the site that month.
User9177: I'm experiencing a problem with your software. When I click on the Analyze button on the main page, I get an error: "Error 2: No File Loaded" and no matter what I do, it happens every time. I tried installing 3x and it still happens!

SoftwareDev: Error 2 means you haven't opened a file for it to analyze. Try going into File>Open and choosing a suitable file first, for analysis.

User9177: What do you mean? What's a suitable file?

SoftwareDev: Dude, don't be an askhole. RTFM.
by Vendaciousness August 23, 2023
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Another word for the Dimples of Venus, also known as back dimples, which are small depressions in the flesh of the lower back, just above the waist. Can be either a pair that always show, or ones that form in the surface of the lower back, when someone flexes their stomach muscles. They can be prominent on individuals of any gender, but are most commonly celebrated and sought-after in women.
DJ: "And next on the stage is Destiny-everyone give her a round of applause!"
*a few guys in front of the stage clap*
*Next dancer walks onto center stage*
DJ: Destiny is dressed in an outfit she describes as "sparkle-encrusted dental floss"
*some chuckles*
DJ: Destiny says her pierced nipples and butt dimples are her favorite two piercings. Them diamonds on yur dumples really set them off, honey.
by Vendaciousness June 26, 2020
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