Either extremely cute or extremely ugly. Up to you. Not to be confused with toads.
O:Awwww is that a cute frog
B: cute!?!? Ewwww
O: wdym? Look at it’s eyes
B: Ahhh! It slimy....
by Ya got any grapes? May 18, 2021
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French person from france or Quebec (pepper).
Father: What does a cow say?
Daughter: Moo
Father: What does a frog say?
Daughter: Alloo
by Anglomontrealer June 12, 2010
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Anybody that is from France
Listen to Jacques Chiraq croak like a bullfrog on the Champs Elysees on the way to the Elysee Palace!
by Pierre January 21, 2005
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Frogs are the coolest thing on earth!I love frogs!
by jesse December 11, 2003
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A derrogatory term for a French citizen.
I went to Barcelona this past weekend, and I could smell the frogs from there.
by Anonymous December 5, 2002
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The act of being struck by a fist in which the middle finger is raised so the knuckle of the middle finger is what makes contact.Encounters that result in having received single/multiple hit(s) from this,are majority of the time extremely painful..Especially when point of contact is made on bone or a nerve..
"First time I realized my dad to be an asshole.Happened after he convinced himself that the funniest thing he could possibly do whenever in arms-reach,was to inflict large amounts of pain thru single strikes to the spine, shoulders, collarbone,and sometimes the knee..At least he waited for me to turn 11 before he frogged me.."

"I'mma Frog the hell outta you boy!!!"

"One time he grabbed my big toe and Frogged it..That was horrible!"
by Home-lessn-aho-tel32 April 25, 2019
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An icon in Eugene, Oregon that makes his living selling homemade joke books to students on East 13th next to the University of Oregon. " Have you seen the world's funniest joke books?"
Hey man. You need to buy a joke book from Frog. He hangs out by campus and the Saturday Market. He'll let you squeeze his rubber chickens.
by Falada February 3, 2010
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