A rather more polite way of calling an unpleasant, disagreeable female a cow
You silly moo!”
(By courtesy of Alf Garnett)
by AKACroatalin November 20, 2016
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A rare and expensive drug found in Cambridge, Massachusetts, distributed by the being known only as Dr. PrepStone aka the Pterodactyl. It is basically ground up cow utter which, when smoked, releases all of the cow's hormones in addition to its remaining milk. It can cause anything from hallucination to seizures.
It was originally discovered by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who created it in an experiment alongside Bono's grandfather, Bono. Its full potential was not known until along came a Vietnamese doctor named Timbuk the Second, commonly written as Timbuk II. Warning: can cause induced menstrual cycle in male users.
I just smoked an entire bag of moo with my buddy and his belly button started bleeding. Then he vomited up his small intestine!
by Dr. PrepStone November 22, 2010
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A legendary creature that goes rawr in the night.
Dude, did you hear that moos in the middle of the night. It ate my dog!!!111one1one!1
by ghost kawaii March 10, 2008
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Moo /mu/ vi. (Cowian) infinitive form of the verb “to moo”.

Note on pronunciation: Cowian is a tonal language containing over 35,000 known words, the vast majority of which are pronounced (approximately) “moo” mu.
Móo mòo môo möo. My mother (is) eating (the) flowers.

Moo möó moó möô. Good morning farmer Jones.

Möo môo moo. (Those) flowers are delicious.
by A. Cudmuncher August 07, 2010
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Pick-up line used by a chubby chaser. When phrased as a question, it loosely translates into "I want to sex you, you big fat fatty, and nothing more. Are you interested?" Is particularily effective after excessive drinking, but is equally likely to end with a drink being tossed in the face followed by a slap. Also popular among frat boys, with the latter outcome most likely to occur.
Hollywood: "Moo?"
Fatty: "The fuck did you say, asshole?"
Hollywood, laughing: "Moo?"
Fatty: "Alright daddy, but keep it on the brown low."
by Pale Rider August 06, 2007
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