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Anybody that is from France
Listen to Jacques Chiraq croak like a bullfrog on the Champs Elysees on the way to the Elysee Palace!
by Pierre January 21, 2005
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Often traveling in pairs, Eurotrash promenade their slim and overly fragrant bodies to trendy locales. Not wealthy through their own efforts, they are highly demanding.
See: Italiana with beau both swimming in CHANEL and hair gel
by Pierre August 27, 2004
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One who situates their rear end directly over eggplant such that vertical displacement will result in the penetration of anus. Worded differently, a loser.
I can't stand him. He is such an eggplant squatter.

Some eggplant squatter broke into my car.

Filthy man. You were squatting again, weren't you?

One glance at her eggplants and we all knew immediately that they had been squatted.
by Pierre May 13, 2004
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A upstate NY city in which the main attraction are the filthy panhandlers downtown!
Believe me....you want to avoid that "attraction" in downtown Rochester!
by Pierre October 29, 2004
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One of who finds enormous satisfaction in excreting the contents of their bowels into their under-garments. Typically, this is done in the vicinity of the public. Each volume of personal waste often has the soiler assume a feigned apologetic air.
"Oh for God sake, busy-bowels is at it again. Filthy little soiler" - Soiliceli: A Mother's Horror Story.

"With each expulsion, the soiler's face twisted and contorted as he endured the enormous muscular strain. Following the final copious release, his undergarments were found to be fully saturated with his organic waste. Traditionally, the final rectal stentorian roar is the most significant - marking the end of another instance of this archaic and obscure tradition." - David Suzuki, The Nature of Stool
by Pierre March 03, 2005
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Part of the Nuerburgring race-track. Also called 'the green hell'.
Niki Lauda had his accident at the Nordschleife.
by pierre May 02, 2004
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One who ingests their own organic waste. Often accompanied by one or more Soilers.

Legend has it, there was an ancient rivalry between the Soilers and Ingestores. The old Grecian myth tells of a man named Soilicles. Soilicles, Athenian Proto-Soiler, was the first of his kind. It is said that a day came when he was busying himself in the habitual age-old activity, when he was approached by a gentleman by the name of Ingesticles. Ingesticles, staring in disbelief and horror at what was to become of the organic waste, stated that the excretions could easily be re-ingested, instead of being laid to waist. Soiliclese, taking umbrage at the thought, dismissed the idea and drove wedge forever between the two schools of thought.

Ingesticles supposedly then aggregated his own philisophical school to forward his belief. To this day, subscribers to this doctrine are known as "Ingestores." Furthermore, the phrase "organic waste" has it's second word come as a consequence of the contention of Ingesticles.
"The soiler did his part, and the ingestore finished the rest."
by Pierre March 04, 2005
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