in knitting, a frog says "rip it rip it" and fogging refers to unraveling rows of knitted work due to an error found.
When I realized that I had messed up my ribbing on that sweater, I frogged half of it to make it right.
by soupowl September 28, 2008
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Past tense of Frog -- to be kicked or punched in the testicles.
He tried rubbing up against me, so I frogged him.
by L'editrix May 16, 2007
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To promote a blogged website article, video or picture
Sally blogged a video of her trip on her website, Billy frogged the video and it became popular.
by perian July 28, 2008
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When a female frog has kicked u in the bum
i was frogged today
by The cool noodle February 24, 2003
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It's green mahn
Me: Frogs they like hop
by QueenKangaroo July 18, 2019
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