To have bastardly and dominant oral sex with a helpless person
Recall the chimpanzee who orally raped a helpless frog? If not youtube it. The Frog is a sexual act which can be transferred directly to human beings where the situation comes to an oral violation of the other persons mouth. You must keep in mind that the helpless person (frog) cannot fight or resist the attacking person (chimpanzee) and the dominant person takes total control over the situation. Furthermore the bastardly violent person will not be disturbed in his actions but likes to expose himself to other voyeurs.
by C. Pant March 8, 2011
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To unravel a hand knitted or crocheted fabric, either partially or entirely. Frogging is usually accomplished by taking the needles out of the project and pulling on the working yarn which drops out of the series of loops that make the fabric. The term originates with the similarity between RIP IT (unravel) and RIBBIT (the sound a frog makes).

See also TINK.
After I finished the sweater, the stupid thing looked horrible on me, so I frogged it.
by knitfitt August 23, 2009
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water and land dwelling (amphibious) creature known for being green, having long hind legs for jumping, and eating bugs by flipping out its sticky tongue at them.

the tongue of a frog is backwards compared to a human's; it is hinged toward the front of the mouth so it can lash out to get bugs. when on land they breathe through their skin.

frogs are a popular choice for dissection because while they aren't as accurate to the human anatomy as monkeys are, they are much cheaper. they are raised expressly for dissection, unlike cow eyes and fetal pigs, both of which are byproducts of the meat industry.
1. i dissected a frog in anatomy.
2. i caught a frog down at the pond!
by unusu-al December 30, 2005
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Verb. \ ˈfrȯgd , ˈfrägd \

1. When you're about to kill an enemy in an online game, and another player comes out of nowhere and kills them instead, in one or two shots, usually a n00b.

2. When you're searching for loot in an online game, and another player comes out of nowhere and picks up an item you were about to take
"I had this guy down to a one shot and then my kill got frogged by some no skin"

"Oh, Matt just frogged a gold scar from the loot chest I opened"
by EricPSU October 5, 2018
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A promiscuous girl who "jumps" from bed to bed (like a frog)
That skank is a frog.
by dildo March 25, 2004
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