a french person (from the stereotype of french people as eating frog's legs)
by Light Joker April 7, 2006
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1. A vulgar term used to describe the french

2. a term often shouted in schools in southwestern ontario between people of french descent.
1. "Those fucking frogs"

by Daniel J. Renaud April 30, 2004
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A move in sexual intercourse where the female has positioned herself on top of the male. Her feet and hands are lyed flat on a surface. Her bum moves in an up and down motion, similar to a frog. Extremely under-rated!
Andy: She leaped on top and fucked me like a frog. It was awesome!

Avesh: Yeah bro, my missus frogged me last week. You got to love the frog.
by Amay022 April 3, 2007
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stupid, ugly, weird, dumb
oh she’s a frog. what a little fucker!
by anniefrog March 29, 2021
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The best animal in the entire universe. It is the most powerful thing on the earth. If you try to oppose one, you might kill it, but your life will never be the same. Also paper frogs are sick.
Oh look at that frog.
Yeah I know, it is so amazing.
by FrogLover342324 January 16, 2018
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(Frawgah)n.,v. to punch someone in the upper arm or chest with the middle knuckle partically extended to inflict a sharp concerntrated blow. origin of the name is based on the quick flick of a frog's tounge.
Dude, look at the bruise where your brother frogged me!
by SAMMER OF THE GODS June 1, 2006
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