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Something that is lame, uncool, stupid, or otherwise unworthy of further consideration.
"Man, that is so Amish that Susie dumped Jane! I wanted to get together with both of them!"
by jesse October 15, 2004
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A eupemism for dick (in terms of "giving" or "getting dick")

Can be used as verb or noun.
"Did you checkmark Erica last night?"
"I want a checkmark from that dude over there."
by jesse February 7, 2003
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just like a jerkass but more of a clod than a jerk
outta my way you clodass
by jesse November 17, 2003
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a very young asian prostutute
hey that coco looks like she's only 5! Nice!
by jesse March 3, 2004
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A variation of The Top Shelf. The act of defecating in the glove box of a coworkers automobile.
Gary: That bastard Jesse gave me a Columbus Shelf again!!!!!
Jason: I told you not to leave your keys laying around at the office.
by jesse November 19, 2003
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baby ur coo is so warm and juicy
by jesse March 7, 2005
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