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A mysterious typo which has a hidden meaning. Not even it's owner can fully understand it.
by jesse August 27, 2003
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I ride bmx. i love it more than my girlfriend.
by jesse June 20, 2003
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When the passenger, upon entering an automobile, pulls the door handle at the same time the driver presses the "unlock" button. This creates a state of limbo where the driver thinks the door is unlocked, but the passenger cannot enter the vehichle. Until the driver presses the unlock button again (without the passenger's interference), the two said parties are stuck in a state of confusion, resulting in roadytart.
Charles popped the door handle twice - a signal that we were engaged in roadytart.
by jesse March 16, 2005
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You begin at the top with a gental kiss as your hands fallow down the shaft. Then You trace your tongue downward and in a circular path being sure to not neglect any side then gently licking the balls. Then placeing the penis into the mouth while the hands continue to stimulate the base. The mouth slowly allows the penis to goin futher and further into the mouth, being sure to inhale deep as not to gag. this continues until the man ejaculates.
How would you like that head?
by jesse March 27, 2005
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