My brother was addicted to pepper for quite some time.
by Jontajonta January 4, 2009
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A kickass reggae band with some punk influence from Kona, Hawaii.
Pepper kicks some major ass., courtesy of a member of the street team
by Tucker July 17, 2004
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to warm up in pepper back and forth, usually two people who pass, then set, then spike back and forth
Sarah and Tanya peppered before the game.
by u dunno June 7, 2005
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a situation where a guy finds it hot to have someone put a finger in their butt, but the other involved party finds it disturbing and stinky
Greg was all cool until he asked me to pepper him.
by Party Pants March 9, 2006
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badass band from Kona, Hawaii. 3 cds out right now, see songs "Stone Love", "Feels Good", "Stormtrooper", "B.O.O.T.", and anything else by them. Reggae/ punk
Pepper rocks my fuckin socks
by ryan July 11, 2004
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Word co-opted by douchebag celebrity blogger Perez Hilton (otherwise known as Mario Lavandeira) in an extremely lame attempt to create cool new slang to enter into the vernacular. Failed miserably.
"That is so pepper." Pathetic.
by Sir Pops-a-Lot June 7, 2006
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