Verb - When you flatulate or 'fart' and cough simultanously. The technique can be used to cover up the sound of tearing ass by means of a cough, however quite often the cough or flatulance are often reciprocatory, that is, either one often times will cause the onset of the other.
foughed, fouging, fougher
You ever been in a meeting with Walker after lunch, he's a serial fougher.
Man, did you catch when Bryce foughed during that presentation, he didnt fool me.
by shooooteh November 10, 2004
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scottish for fuck, often used instead of fuck for comic relief
are you going to the movies tonight
(in accent) FOUGH YES
by ednamw April 12, 2010
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The act of farting and coughing at the same time, causing a quick sense of wide eyed bewilderment.
"Dude, I just foughed and I think it cleared my sinuses at the same time."
"Sometimes there's nothing better than a good fough to balance you out from both ends."
by AnimeMonkeyBoy May 13, 2014
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(Pronounced Fuff)
A simple combination of two words, "Fair" and "Enough".
This is a quick statement of agreement, for those of us who are too lazy to use BOTH words.
"That movie sucked..."
"Yes...but the special effects were cool."
by SmartyPantaloons August 30, 2008
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This cold is making me fough.

I just foughed on the dog.
by Hollyfantastic January 2, 2018
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When you cough and fart so hard at the same time that your anal cavity blows out of your asshole.
One day after Becky's porn shoot getting drilled by the laker team she bent over and pink foughed so hard her ass exploded out her g string.
by Naenae2597 September 16, 2019
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Pronounced (Fauf): When you fart and cough simultaneously, causing an uncomfortable itch while farting, and could possibly turn into a shart.
I had to fough while talking to my boss and accidentally shit myself, so I got the rest of the day off with paid leave.
by Cinnanym April 25, 2022
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