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beckie is probably the hottest name in the whole world. perfect for a hottie with gorgeous eyes. beckie's have it all: looks, brains, boobs, you name it. a beckie will never let you down
MAN! She's definately a 'beckie.'
by boyinlove May 28, 2006
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Becki is a reserved name for the unbelievably cute, pretty, adorable girl you can't stop thinking about. She's the best person to be around and everyone wants to be a Becki. There's always that secret someone who likes her, but doesn't want to make a move as he's too scared she'll turn him down.

Rebecca. I love you.
Have you seen Becki? I can't stop thinking about her...
by TheGuyWhoLikesYou October 29, 2013
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a long, blonde looker. short for "Rebecca" and usually preceeded by "Becki" until about 8th grade.
"Oh, my god, Becki, look at her butt. it is so big... she must be one of those rap guy's girlfreinds"
by littlemama422 February 5, 2010
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becky is a very very very very very sexy little peice of ass who gives amazing head and likes to be the little spoon

she rocks my world
yo dude i got with a becky last night that shit was off the fucking chain she blew my mind THREE TIMES

i think i love her
by pimphustlingmotherfucker69 January 1, 2012
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Another name for getting head, getting a blowjob, the act of receiving oral sex.
I just got becky from Jessica. Shit was so cash!
by Jimminy Crickitt June 26, 2009
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According to Plies, "Becky" is referring to the act of fellatio. Plies terms the act "Becky" because of the widely held notion and/or stereotype that Caucasian women are somewhat more sexually liberal in terms of frequency of encounters, random partnering, and overall lasciviousness. With "Becky" being a popular name given to females at birth in the White society, one can assume that Plies simply chose this name because of its unique association to "Whiteness", particularly where the female is concerned.
by Lovely Leo October 14, 2009
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