Sinuses are in your face. They are near your cheekbones, nose, eyes and forehead. If you don’t blow your nose and just suck snot in, your sinuses will get clogged with snot.
Logan: Hey Bro I can’t come to see Callie and Stacey , I’m sick.
Lino: Why are you sick bro, what did you do?
Logan: My sinuses are clogged.
Lino: Of course they are. Damn right they are.
by Patrisha Lembert February 3, 2018
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That stupid annoying freaking crap that prevents natural breathing through the nose. Colds and allergies often cause this.
I hate having this crap called sinusitis. If it lasts for more than three months, then it's called chronic sinusitis, with surgery being the only way to resolve it.
by The Real Driller August 20, 2023
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A great threat for if someone is being particularly bothersome or you want to somehow lose their contact. Let's say your ex won't stop texting you after it's been a month since you've broken up and you want to just- scare them off a little bit. Maybe even get 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘮 to block 𝘺𝘰𝘶. This is the perfect threat for you.
Take one more step towards me and I swear to god, I'll fill your sinuses with urine.
by GenderIsBullCrap January 28, 2021
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