The most confusing feeling that you could ever feel. Nothing you say makes sense, and the only cure is to hit your station. Bewilderment can lead to embarrassing texts messages or phone conversations.
Me: yo what's up man?
Rick: my how you get goin young man
Me: you're clearly in a state of bewilderment, hit the station
by iambewildered June 7, 2011
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Made popular by Lee Evans, it is the chair/bench that if found generally next to changing rooms in clothes shops. Men are placed here to wait for their wives/girlfriends/lady friends, usually with a bewildered look on their face as they take in their surroundings.
"Ha look at him on the bewilderment chair! He don't know nothing!"

"Alright love, don't be long, i'll just be here on the bewilderment chair"
by 1234567Kate February 13, 2010
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when you opt for a tuna sandwich from a concession stand instead of a regular snack like a normal human being.
Felix: “Jauregue, ve a comprarme un sandwich de tuna.”

Jauregue: “Y si no hay?”

Felix: “Si hay.”

Robby Silguero: Now that’s what I call a Jauregue Bewilderment....and I’m a fucking moron.
by Agapito Tarantino December 28, 2018
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