"shit house"
something or someone who is totally useless. ie they are "two words" and the second one's "house"
#1 Matthew tee'd off into the lake.
That shot was "two words"

#2 "How was the party?"
"Two words"
by Stuart Deane January 1, 2006
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Emphatic description, always followed with an adjective not of two words.
Two words: fabu-lous.
by jschoenweiler August 28, 2008
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When something bad happens
"two words mate.... NIGHT MARE"
by muirwm November 15, 2009
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girls attempt to be subtle and kinky.... she is telling you she is not wearing any panties
if a girl sends you a text or anything saying two words she's probably insisting that she's not wearing any panties
by webkinzworld December 26, 2007
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This Generally means "Screw This" which is commonly thought of throughout High School and can be thought of throughout the world. It can also be know to the symbol of someone holding up two fingers which signals to someone else that he is meaning "Screw This"
Teacher: Yeah here is some packet's to do. *Teacher gives out a million packet's all the time*
Student: Mannnnn Two Words
by woahnegus May 6, 2017
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When a female and male are communicating via text messaging and the female replies with two words or less, the male may not respond. Only exception is if the female is asking a question that consists of only two words. Also, smiley faces count as one word.
Male to another Male: I really want to text Sarah back but I can't because of the two word rule.

examples of two word rule in use include:

Male: Hey, what are you doing tonight?
Female: Nothing much.

Male: How are you?
Female: Good.
by buckfuddy3 December 23, 2010
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