1. a character in a story that brings a light comic air into the work. Just as a hero brings heroism. The comic Relief usually does some halirious or haliriously stupid quip (stupid as in the example below)
Hero: Give me the girl off the train tacks, CR, I am going to ride off into the sunset!
Comic Relief:Gee, I don't think the young lady would like to be ridden into the sunset...
by 4die March 3, 2005
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Da stress-reducin' effect you experience from readin' da funny papuhs.
I sometimes save cartoon-pages without reading them, so that I can have some comic relief whenever something upsetting/disappointing happens in my life. It's more effective at lifting my spirits than chowing down on a tub of ice cream, and it's totally non-fattening, as well.
by QuacksO April 13, 2019
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The art of jacking oneself off with a Comic Relief Red Nose on the end of your penis.
"I'm easy going for some Comic Relief tonight."

"Been a long day? Looks like you could go for some Comic Relief this evening."
by Benjani69 March 13, 2009
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For a girl with the intention of fucking a comedian gives him head.
Girl1: Did you fuck that comedian after the show last night?

Girl2: We went back to his house and all he wanted was a little comic relief.
by kharazi November 18, 2009
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