A form of underwear for women. Risky in the sense that some women who wear it shouldn't. Consists of an ass string and a very thin frontal portion. Worn on the right women, it is extremely sexy.
Look at that ho, she's wearing a g-string. god damn! Ass floss! Yay!
by Beowulf June 26, 2003
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The 3rd string on my guitar
"I broke a G string fingering a minor"
by ToddBranton November 26, 2005
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Underwear in which the rear portion is a string worn between the butt cheeks, providing minimal coverage, maximum ass exposure.
It should be a crime to manufacture G-strings larger than size 8.
by Potem February 15, 2003
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fanny floss. should only be worn on women with ASS. *see picture above*
That g string is the reason why flat ass and thongs do NOT go together
by Kiwi February 15, 2005
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The third string upon a five string banjo.
Everyone knows that, you dumb ass!
by Deine Mutter July 16, 2004
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it could be a short term for"gamma string"."gamma" is known as a letter of the greek alphabet which looks like a "y".this "y" shape looks like this sexy underwear. perhaps, the word"gamma string" was shortened to "g string" because it lacks slanguistic taste.
Damn it!she looks sexy on that g string.
by Jay shay December 17, 2005
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The third string on a standard six or seven string guitar.
Guy 1: Man I saw this girl wearing nothing but a g string.
Guy 2: What the fuck, dude?
by Fuckyourmother December 31, 2005
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