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A form of underwear for women. Risky in the sense that some women who wear it shouldn't. Consists of an ass string and a very thin frontal portion. Worn on the right women, it is extremely sexy.
Look at that ho, she's wearing a g-string. god damn! Ass floss! Yay!
by Beowulf June 26, 2003
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an undergarment similar to a thong but has a thinner piece of fabric that lays between the butt cheeks. Whereas a thong has a slightly triangular shaped piece of fabric in the back with a width ranging from about 1 centimeter to 3 centimeters, a g-string has a very, very narrow rectangular shaped back fabric piece about half a centimeter wide. Both garments are approximately the same length in the back. The front of the g-string is similar to the front of the bikini underwear, except usually a good deal more skimpy. ***The g-string does *not*, I repeat does NOT stimulate the g-spot or clitoris in any manner, because the "string" part is in the back not the front or the inside where those areas are.***
Women buy g-strings because a g-string is useful to avoid panty lines when wearing thin and/or low-rise pants, and because some people like the look of g-strings, not because g-strings are stimulating to the wearer(They aren't.)
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Similar to a thong but exposes much more. G-strings, like thongs, are very beautiful pieces of clothing, especially for lovely females. ^-^
"I like hotties in thongs, but G-strings are incredibly sexy. ^-^ "
by Dave April 23, 2004
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A string on a guitar. Not to be confused with the E-String, A-String, D-String, B-String or High E-String
by kymcleod October 12, 2003
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a pair of women's underwear thatr exposes more than a thong
She should not wear low rise jeans and a g-string. It's a good way to end up being harassed.
by Light Joker January 08, 2006
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