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The fun pole, meat stick, bang rod, hammer, throbbing man sword, love drill, joy stick, one eyed squirrel, pink snake, beef drill, purple headed yogurt slinger, scream machine, daddy's little monster, brother's oscar meyer fire engine, meat helmet, hooded warrior, stiff peter, the john thomas, wife's best friend, peercy, love rocket,the chairman of the board, man steak, cunt buster, hymen battering ram, f-14 tom cat, afvagistan tomahawk, purple steel, russel the love mussel, twig and berries, .38 special, bannana juice, spit launcher, caped crusader, 18 inch alabama black snake, ram rod, anal bloody mary maker, that thing you shove in a cunt, dick, the difference maker, man sausage, sweat bullet, 6 oz marbled rib eye, little slice of heaven, fishing pole, brown trout, pink eel, anal emanicpator, dragon, red rocket, purple headed warrior, saturday night surprise, that thing you love to hate, pleasure seeker, spanky, battle axe, man mellon, baby arm, pussy food, love stick, piston honda, teenage tear maker, pink cannoli stuffer, HBI Hot Beef Injection, the veiny bratwurst, the miracle maker, love cannon, glue shooter, man pipe, my number one employee, the defendant, the weasel, cock.
After i fed her seven 11 dollar martinis, i drove her home and showed her my fuck stick.
That kid is such a fuck stick
by shooooteh November 28, 2004

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Verb - When you flatulate or 'fart' and cough simultanously. The technique can be used to cover up the sound of tearing ass by means of a cough, however quite often the cough or flatulance are often reciprocatory, that is, either one often times will cause the onset of the other.
foughed, fouging, fougher
You ever been in a meeting with Walker after lunch, he's a serial fougher.
Man, did you catch when Bryce foughed during that presentation, he didnt fool me.
by shooooteh November 10, 2004

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An expert in the field of marinatng, massaging, and beating meat. All in the quest for excellence in the field of cock preparation. A true practioner of the arts of man meat.
I heard that guy smokes pole, that he's a real cock chef.
by shooooteh February 04, 2005

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When you have diarreah or rocket ass so bad you actually heat up the bowl or surrounding area with the fumes and the force of your ass exploding out gas and sewage in a violent manner.
Dude, i shouldn't have eaten that hot dog from that food stand last night, i've got major flamethrower ass today.
by shooooteh February 04, 2005

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When gas or wind emits from your rear end in such force that it causes a funnel shaped wind tunnel to occur. Especially dangerous if this occurs on an airplane.
After drinking all day yesterday, and eating wings, the guys at the mill have been suffering through some serious tornado ass.
by shooooteh February 04, 2005

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Noun - A word used to describe a woman's vagina during menstruation in a sexual context.

Adjective - A derogatory term used to describe some one meaning a menstruating vagina.

Etymology -
The term is believed to be based on the idea of a pot full of bloody fish parts (chum) which are typically used when fishing for carniverous fish, such as blue fish or sharks.
i.e. N. Remeber that chick i was talking to at the bar? She had the chum pot going on, i had to wear a rubber and a garbage bag to complete the mission.

Adj . Bill stole my pizza, that guy is a real chum pot.
by shooooteh January 24, 2005

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When a male of the homo sapiens erectus genealogy attempts to fornicate himself by means of oral stimulation, one can observe that when this is attempted from a sitting position the craning neck and back of the man will resemble that of a cobra who is defending itself or preparing to strike at prey.
ex 1: Walker is so gay that he probably has to angry cobra himself to blow a load.
ex 2: Wonder how he hurt his neck? Probably attempting the angry cobra.
by shooooteh October 26, 2004

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