Obtainment or increase of wealth.

The Constitution of the United States of America makes reference to income, but does not define it. No law in the USC defines income.

"Income" in federal courts is treated to suggest any acquisition of Federal Reserve currency, or acquisition of any thing that can be converted to Federal Reserve currency.
Income tax is a tax imposed upon incomes.
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
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The act of coming in, as in the black man's vocabulary - a verb.
"I just got in bed wif da ho and income my wife."
by Lauren Robinson June 19, 2005
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"Man, the rap game hasn't had any real income in over 3 years"
"Bruh you trippin. You tellin me you ain't never heard of Lil Yachty?"
by USFG February 19, 2018
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an exclamatory word shouted when an onslaught of semen is imminent
Incoming! Hide behind the semen shield
by Cdawg184 March 5, 2008
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An aspiring new rapper/music artist steadily gaining attention on myspace, youtube, and itunes. Also known as King Income Money and Income Money.
Drake: You heard bout' that new rapper Income?

Lil Wayne: Ya man, that boy spits out A Milli-Milli-Milli times better than me.

Drake: Yeh, hes hardworking too. I guess he wants to be Successful.

Lil Wayne: Hes piling up the income.
by MarkivYshs January 8, 2010
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Plural of income. Might be different forms of income.
The income tax is a tax imposed upon incomes.
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
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Anyone who moves into a new community. An asylum seeker, refugee, or economic migrant
"The housing and associated needs of new incomer populations of refugees and asylum seekers"

"Nothing quite prepares an incomer from the city to the country for the non-stop noise"

"A number of Austrians share the Europe-wide fear of the Polish plumber, the incomer who takes all the jobs"
by Henley June 18, 2007
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