24 definitions by Boo

To be discusted by something or someone; To be sickened by someone or something.
"Oh my god! He just farted! I am so grossed out!"

And then she turned to see maggots covering the dead animal. She was so grossed out.
by Boo March 25, 2005
1.That guy who talks funny with Chris Rock and got his own movie.
2.Pussy juice
by Boo February 8, 2005
the black version of the white boy name "Devon"
Girl I just fucked Da'Vaun and it was the worst sex I ever had... shoulda stuck with that Devon white boy foo'
by Boo March 3, 2005
Action or behavior similar to that of a knob, thought not necessarily implying that one is a knob.
Tom thinks his idea of good music rocks, and he thinks everything else sucks. That's really knobbish.
by Boo January 5, 2005
big penis ........................
Wow you have a petay!
by Boo March 17, 2005
Rich Bitch- Chick usually young who got lots of dough , usually over 6 figures and flaunts it.
Girl who flaunts money , cars , status etc..
by Boo February 19, 2005
1. The word commonly used by the character homer simpson of the simpsons. Used when done something idiotic.
A = "I sold the car for 22 dollars"
B = "It was a BMW!!!"
A = "DOH!"
by Boo October 20, 2003