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Stephanie is a very beautiful girl that at first seems really sweet and innocent but once you get to know her is very fun and crazy to be around. She is very unique and the best friend you could ever ask for. She always has your back and will always be there for you no matter what. Make sure you never lose a stephanie because she is very rare and valuable there is no one else like her because she is amazing.
Stephanie is my best fraaaaand
by Imawesome57 July 05, 2015
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Stephanie is an incredible beautiful, one of a kind girl,the most adorable,funniest,sweetest and fun to talk to person to walk the earth.She is gorgeous,and stands out from everyone. She's original and different in all her perfect ways. Stephanie has a sense of humor that never disappoints or keeps you from laughing.She has this aura about her that no one else could ever have.The Girl that every guy wants and will take your breath away but her heart belongs to just ONE...Her soft beautiful brown eyes,As soon as you look into them you will easily fall deep in love with her.She can see through your heart and bring out the best in you.Her infectious big smile and she will laugh at almost anything. Some would say she's a genius. When she snuggles into your arms,you'll know what true love is. If she trusts you,she will open up completely and let you into her life.Even though she's been through a lot she always has a smile on her face & manages to live life to the fullest.Once you meet a real Stephanie,she will change your life completely in a positive way so love her, respect her, protect her and don't ever let her go because she deserves the best in the world
1.Stephanie is amazing

2.Stephanie is one of a kind girl

3.Stephanie is really beautiful
by Lover.1518_Pink January 07, 2014
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One of the sweetest, most caring, loving, nicest, funnest, beautiful/ hottest, loyal, faithful people there is. They don't put up with bullshit or cheaters and will call you out on it. Smiles through pain and acts ok for people. Makes mistakes like everyone else so should not be judged for it. Fights for what they love. An amazing person all around
"She is always smiling even if she's hurting." "That's just Stephanie."

"That girl is really beautiful and always happy and calls out cheaters and how's"
"Stephanie keeps it real and doesn't want people hurting like she does."
by Beauregard_Reeltown_Love December 19, 2016
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A diamond in the rough, really does not know what she's worth or someone just has not really shown her yet. Her beauty lies not only in her looks but most importantly in her heart.
by Felixtrom June 10, 2013
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The sweetest & most down to earth person you'll ever meet.
she truly is the coolest. Super friendly, Dresses very nice in her own unique way. Is loved by many & hated by a jealous few. She has a laugh that makes other people laugh too. She can light up any room she walks in, she just has this beautiful aura about her. She stands out from the rest.

Not all Stephanie's are alike but when you truly meet a Stephanie like this keep her close & never let her go or you'll regret it.
person 1: hey do you talk to Stephanie?

person 2: no, but i really wish i did. She seems so chill.
by thuggishrubbish October 10, 2012
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Stephanie is a fun,outgoing person always has a smile on het face & makes sure everyone is happy dont get me wrong tho she could really straight up with anybody but she has a great personally as long as you stay on her good side plus she had long beautiful hair
by LIL.TOBBY June 05, 2017
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