Stephanies are the most sweetest people ever. Usually light brown eyes, they can stare into your soul and is their way of making you do what they want. They are really funny, have a great sense of humour with the most unique laugh in the world. Stephanies are rare, keep them forever. Stephanies also may be shy at school but once you become someone she trusts , she will always give you the best. She is really smart but doesn’t want to show it, and has a very beautiful body. Many girls want to be her. Stephanies are strong in their heart. Love your stephanie, don’t lose her.
guy 1: Oh that girl is hot
guy 2: duh she is a stephanie
by tupac_27-09 January 1, 2022
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She is such a wonderful friend. She has love to fill an ocean. She is a sweetheart and always seems to be happy. But deep down inside she struggles with her emotions. She tends to feel like a burden. She isn’t the best at making friends but when she does she keep them and loves deeply.
Stephanie is a great friend.
by Llamamama123 November 23, 2021
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Stephanie is an intelligent woman who is very loyal. She enjoys all things fashion!
Stephanie uses her intelligence to draft a sewing pattern.
by stephteach8 November 24, 2021
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An amazing, smart, caring, faithful, adventurous, gorgeous woman. If you ever get the chance to meet one, you've been blessed brother. Don't miss your chance.
Wow... who's that?!
That's my Stephanie
by Lamerameramx December 30, 2021
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The hottest girl you'll ever meet. She's all fun but also kind of dark and cynical. She's a loyal friend, partner, and beautiful person inside and out. A Stephanie loves art and can usually be found doing her friend's makeup before going out on the weekend.
That's my friend Stephanie - she's so beautiful and talented!
by paranormalpaprika November 24, 2021
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Stephanie is a medium height, lovable, smart and amazing pretty girl. She is very headstrong, loves a good challenge, loyal to the T and knows what she wants.

She is intelligent and honest but can be misunderstood for being too honest. She hates lairs and cheaters and does not like playing games.
When you find a Stephanie keep her she will change your life for the best.
Did you see Stephanie in the hallway? She is so pretty I wish i was her.
by paeudonym101 November 24, 2021
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The QUEEN, the true goddess her name says it all she is crowned, beautiful, honest, funny, loyal,very lovable but not good at showing it, beautiful inside and outside, she is fire, no one compares to her she really is one of a kind, Stephanie are quiet but once you get to know her she is loud and fun to be around, she hurts but will never show, don’t get her mad she will definitely show it, a wild free spirit child. Loves nature, adventure, animals, gets dirty including in bed, that’s when you feel the real fire, has a unique taste of expensive stuff, but lazy to work for it, the giver with no hesitation, drops everything to be there for you,love a Stephanie because there is no other like her, she’s a once in a lifetime, brutally honest but worth it, her love for you only grows stronger but once you fail her it’s over with. Don’t tell her what to do, she will only tell you what’s best for you from the bottom of her heart. Oh Steph you just can’t be without her.
Stephanie walking in a place, people staring…girls hating or admiring, boys falling in love and admiring.

You hear that? Oh yes! That’s just Stephanie laughing her ass off.
by TheoneSteph November 24, 2021
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