girl: omg he snogged that girl the first day they met

girl 2: ikr he is such a cud

girl 3: he just grabbed her and started kissing her

girl 2: eww what a cud
by abijabie November 9, 2013
A slang term for the word cuddle. Cud is, like cuddle, a word used between couples, typically to express that one wants to perform the cud-ing.
NATHAN: what do you wanna do?
CAITLIN: I wanna cud!
by caitlin Perry January 23, 2008
A wad of chewing tobacco, such as Levi Garrett, Red Man, or Mail Pouch, not the ground-up rat shit sold under the Copenhagen or Grizzly brands.
Fool made me laugh so hard I swallowed my cud.
by England phi beta gamma June 14, 2008
Another way of saying 'cuz', often used in year 12 2007 at Epping Boys High School. Made popular through a conversation in year 10 elective history where two boys were impersonating African American slang, one of the boys said the word 'cud'. When asked what it was, he replied 'Paul Walker says it in the fast and the furious' Since then it has spread and is often used by many of boys in the form.
1.'Sup cud?'
2.'Heya cud' - lol
by Indy is good in the sack June 11, 2007
Mix of multiple bodily excretes and products including:
Swenis and Swussy (penis and pussy sweat)
And in some forms, vomit.
Man we made this ball of cud, and then we whipped it at that fat chick!
by Joe February 1, 2004
noun- vulgar slang term for a woman's vagina
Brad beat Angelina's cud for hours last night. I'll bet it's black and blue now.
by w0nderb0ydp74 February 8, 2010
by-word for excellent music
music with substance and style
"this band are as cool as cud"
"kick arse like cud"
NME various
by gabriel tonka April 7, 2005